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Colours of Ostrava 2022: Festival Review

Colours of Ostrava Festival Review

  Honestly, I’d forgotten how fun festivals can be. With 2 years of covid buzzing around and the many subsequent pandemic cancellations, festival fun has been pretty far from my mind over the last 24 months. So far, in fact, that I’d actually totally forgotten just how much joy festivals bring me! But thankfully, passing […]

The Best Carry On Suitcase for 2019

The Best Carry On Suitcase for 2019

  It’s a funny old thing when, after you’ve been backpacking for over 15 years, you find yourself looking to purchase a carry on suitcase, instead of a tattered old rucksack, and realise, with an alarming alacrity that you’re suddenly getting older! I guess it happens to the best of us! Because let’s be honest […]

Finally! Great Travel Insurance for Nomads

Travel Insurance for Nomads

  It’s a big problem. And it’s growing. It’s a problem that’s affected me, as well as countless other digital nomads, remote freelancers and long-term travellers I know. And that is the question of insurance. Travel insurance for nomads to be precise. If you’ve ever tried to take out insurance when you’re not in your […]

The Best Place to Stay in Bangkok: Found!

The Best Place to Stay in Bangkok

Choosing accommodation in Bangkok can be a bewildering experience – trust me I know! With no discernible centre, more different parts than you can imagine and a vast array of accommodation options, finding the best place to stay in Bangkok can be a tough mission indeed. And this is especially true if it’s your first […]

Best Travel Backpack Carry On for 2023

The Best Travel Backpack Carry On for 2019

Hold the phone guys, changes are on the way! Yup with the new year just around the corner, I’ve got some new plans for the structure of my travel life. Yup the plan (I say plan, let’s see how it pans out!) is to do less long exhausting backpacking trips and more shorter journeys from […]

Worldpackers: Are You in the Know Yet?

Worldpacker - Paikea Hostel Praia do Rosa Surf

Do you want to travel the world on a budget, staying for as long as you can abroad? Do you want to meet new people, learn new skills and immerse yourself in a local project? Do you want the security of an established safety net, whilst still having the independence to choose your path and […]

Shining Bright with Boutique Beauty: Lyhnos

Shining Bright with Boutique Beauty - Lyhnos, Askas, Cyprus

It means oil-lamp, in case you didn’t know. Lyhnos that is. The name rolls off the tongue softly but brightly – the ‘y’ drawn out, the ‘s’ at the end clipping it to a close with a determined vibrancy. And it burns softly and brightly too this lyhnos. Bright with a beautiful distinction and soft […]