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13 Best Things to Do in Brno

13 Best Things to Do in Brno, Czechia

If you thought the Czech Republic was just about visiting Prague, then think again! This country is filled with many beautiful cities beyond its famous capital and most of them only receive a fraction of the tourists, making them ideal for absorbing a slice of real Czech culture. The perfect way to explore the country, […]

How to Travel from Prague to Brno

How to Travel from Prague to Brno

If you’re visiting the Czech Republic then it’s likely you’ll be hitting up the country’s mighty capital of Prague – a must-see destination in Europe. Known as the city of a hundred Spires, this UNESCO-listed Medieval gem is worth at least a couple of days of your travel itinerary as you stroll its cobbled streets, […]

1 Week in the Czech Republic: Top Itinerary

1 Week in the Czech Republic Top Itinerary

Everyone loves a bit of Prague right (and if you haven’t been before then you absolutely, definitely, certainly should go!), but it’s also very true that there’s a whole country to discover beyond Czechia’s famous capital. Selfishly hogging the limelight, the UNESCO-listed city of a hundred spires has put this country on the map, but […]

Amsterdam to Prague by Train: All You Need to Know

Amsterdam to Prague by Train All You Need to Know

2 of Europe’s most popular cities, there’s no question that if you haven’t visited either Amsterdam or Prague before, then you definitely should! The sort of destinations you return to time and time again – or at least I find myself returning there again and again! – there’s always something new to discover in these […]

Prague National Museum: All You Need to Know for Your Visit

Prague National Museum

The largest museum in the Czech Republic, the Prague National Museum has to be on your list of things to do when you visit this capital. Housed in one of the city’s most beautiful buildings (and that really is saying something), this huge collection (which spans 2 separate, adjoined buildings) is a treasure trove of […]

13 Best Things to Do in Ostrava, Czechia

13 Top Things to Do in Ostrava, Czechia

Having visited the city of Ostrava in the east of the Czechia (the country formerly known as the Czech Republic) twice now, it’s fair to say I’ve got a few ideas about the best thing to do in this surprising city. On the crossroads between Prague and Poland, Ostrava is a fascinating destination. Once an […]

Colours of Ostrava 2022: Festival Review

Colours of Ostrava Festival Review

Honestly, I’d forgotten how fun festivals can be. With 2 years of covid buzzing around and the many subsequent pandemic cancellations, festival fun has been pretty far from my mind over the last 24 months. So far, in fact, that I’d actually totally forgotten just how much joy festivals bring me! But thankfully, passing through […]