Best Travel Backpack Carry On for 2023

The Best Travel Backpack Carry On for 2019

Hold the phone guys, changes are on the way!

Yup with the new year just around the corner, I’ve got some new plans for the structure of my travel life.

Yup the plan (I say plan, let’s see how it pans out!) is to do less long exhausting backpacking trips and more shorter journeys from a “home base”, especially to the far flung corners of Europe.

And with that in mind, I’ve been looking for the best travel backpack carry on.

One that I can fit enough clothes in, as well as digital nomads goodies such as laptops in, and by jove, I think I’ve found it!


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My Arcido Bag was kindly gifted to me by the company but, as always, all views are my own.

This page contains affiliate links meaning Big World Small Pockets may receive a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you.


Introducing the Arcido Faroe Bag


I was lucky enough to be gifted this Faroe bag by Arcido, so I want to be straight up with you from the start.

That said, having now used this bag on a short trip, I’m happy to confirm it’s definitely a great travel backpack carry on and I’m delighted to be recommending it!

The perfect size – as it fits within most major airlines specifications – just small enough to carry as a slimline rucksack but with loads of inner capacity, this is a winner in terms of size and space.

Its outer canvas fabric and dark charcoal grey also makes it sturdy and practical – good for hiding dirt and not getting easily ripped or damaged.

It also has a waterproof PVC liner and zips to add that extra layer of protection, especially for any electrical items that you may have packed inside.


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Tech-Friendly Bag


Because that’s definitely one of the top things about the Arcido Faroe Bag and definitely one of the reasons I’m naming it the best travel backpack carry on for 2019.

Yup not only is this a great travel bag for your regular everyday holiday packing, but it’s also great for those digital nomads among us, or anyone that might be combining work with travel.

That’s because at the back of this pack is a half hidden, very handy, laptop harness section.

Tucked against your back when you’re wearing the Arcido Faroe Bag, it’s well protected from a security point of view and also well protected from a knocks and scraps point of view too.

The laptop harness within this section secures your prized electrical items in place and can be adjusted to fit its size too, making sure it’s suspended, so everything is extra secure and snug.

And with a 5 year warranty, it’s definitely hard to argue with the specs of this carry on!


Stylish Carry On


There’s also no question that the Arcido Faroe Bag is stylish and streamlined, another reason I think it’s the best travel backpack carry on for 2019.

With a documents holder and a security-safe liquids bag included, it couldn’t be easier to get ready for your whole trip with just this 1 bag.

Laying flat, you can easily and quickly fold everything you need inside the main section and then, if you prefer, adjust the strap to turn this backpack into a handy over the shoulder bag.

In terms of organisation, the large inner pocket has a zipped wall, and there’s an inner waterproof pocket, designed to accommodate the matching toiletries bag too.

Perfect for a long weekend or even a week away, this great travel backpack carry on would make the perfect addition to a summer European jaunt or stateside road trip adventure.

So whether it’s business or leisure or both, I highly recommend checking out the Arcido Faroe Bag – if you’re looking for a great piece of carry on luggage that delivers on style, comfort, space and let’s not forget price too, then this is perfect!


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