The Best Quick Dry Towel for Travel

The Best Quick Dry Towel for Travel


We’ve all had them, those awful travel towels that claim to dry fast and not smell, when in fact they do nothing but the complete opposite.

And quite frankly there’s nothing worse than a damp, stinky towel in your bag when you’re on the move.

Because I’ve been there and experienced that too!

But now I’m delighted to say I’ve found a travel towel that is not only smell-free, but also anti-bacterial, soft and huge, so here are the full details of the best quick dry towel for travel.

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Why Do You Need a Quick Dry Towel for Travel?


Let’s keep it plain and simple here, a quick dry towel for travel is one of the absolute essentials as far as I’m concerned if you’re heading off on any sort of trip.

With baggage restrictions basically the norm now (and if you’re a backpacker having to carry your home on your back) keeping the weight down in your luggage has never been more important.

And thick, heavy conventional towels are one of the bulkiest items around – making them a prime target to leave at home.

Enter the travel towel.

This fantastic product is designed specifically for those on the move as it’s both lightweight, compact and, most importantly, quick drying.

This means if you want to shower in the morning or enjoy a beach swim, before you head off onto the bus, train or plane, you need a towel that is going to be dry when you pack it, not heavy, wet and ultimately, stinky!


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But Aren’t All Quick Dry Towel for Travel Made Equal?

Well no, the answer here is negative.

Not all quick dry towels for travel are made equal, and I’ve had some absolute shockers in my time to prove it!

Yes while they market themselves as quick dry, these poor travel towels, feel horrible on your skin and end up stinking out your bag, if not your room, after just a couple of times of use.

Made from cheap fabrics, they simply don’t do what they are meant to and aren’t worth a penny of your money.


Finding the Best Quick Dry Towel for Travel


But how do you know if you’re buying a travel towel that is going to do the job or not?

Because it’s almost impossible to tell without using it right?

Well, fear not folks because I’ve done all the market research, as well as tried and tested a number of products, and are delighted to be bringing you, my recommendation for the best quick dry towel for travel right here, right now.

And that product is the Latrek Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel, which is an exciting new travel towel on the market that harnesses the latest technology to bring you the best in quick-drying brilliance!


So Why is the Latrek Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel So Good?


Well, it’s a good question and the honest answer is that this product ticked all the major boxes for me… and then some!

First up,  the Latrek Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel is incredibly absorbent and extremely quick to dry – 2 travel towel must-have features!

This is due to its lightweight, thin structure, which works amazingly well and makes this towel so compact it’s literally a traveller’s dream.

In fact, the whole towel packs up snuggly into a mesh carry bag, that has its own strong hanging loop, which means you can even tie it to the outside of your backpack if needs be.

The Latrek towel for travel is also antibacterial and the feel on your skin is very soft.

Some of the other quick dry travel towels out there that I’ve tried have been quick to dry, but nowhere near as soft or lightweight, which is why the Latrek product clinches the top spot for me.

I’ve also named Latrek’s product as the best quick dry towel for travel because of their excellent prices (perfect for us small pocket people) and because you simply cannot argue with their satisfaction guarantee, which means if you’re not happy you can contact them and they promise to help you out.

Having had dealings with the company myself directly, I can certainly attest to their excellent customer service and quick communication.


And the Choices Go On…


And it’s not just the product or the company that have led me to calling this product the best quick dry towel for travel, but also its versatility too.

Perfect not only for your trip abroad, but also for hiking, camping, sports or yoga, the Latrek Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel comes in 3 great colours (personally I love my charcoal grey one) and 3 great sizes, meaning you can select the product right for you.

I ordered an XL travel towel, because the previous product I had (which was also an XL) barely covered the bits I needed it to (!), so I was delighted when my Latrek Travel Towel came down and I found that it was HUGE!

Like massive!

But this is, of course, when it’s spread out, because when it packs down into that mesh bag it wouldn’t even take up half a corner of my small backpack!

Ideal or what?!

In fact the XL Latrek Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel is a whopping 80 x 160 cm but if, like me, you have no concept of what this means in real life, then just trust me when I say it’s massive!

It also weighs only 262g aka nothing!!





So if you’re looking for the best quick dry towel for travel, then look no further!

The Latrek Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel is the only product you’ll ever need!


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