Why I Was Wrong About Packing Cubes

Why I was Wrong About Packing Cubes


Ok, I admit it, I was wrong! I was wrong about packing cubes.

I thought they were a waste of time, a waste of money, a senseless travel accessory.

I almost provided myself on traveling without them when it seemed that everyone was being converted, but now I have to admit defeat.

More than admit to defeat, now I have to admit I love packing cubes.

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Perhaps I always had a strong aversion to them because secretly I knew I might love them, and love them little too much.

It’s the organiser in me you see, the tidier, dare I say, the OCD-er!

The part of me that loves a place for everything and everything in its place!

Perhaps this is why I resisted buying into the packing cubes phenomena for so long.

Perhaps I sensed that once I did join the club, I’d be hard pushed to leave it.

And so it is!

There’s nothing quite like knowing yourself well I guess!

It all started with the packing for our budget 4wd trip around Australia.

Cramming 2 people’s lives into the back of 4wd Landrover isn’t easy, I can tell you!

Neither the boy or I are hoarders, in fact we’re determined minimalists, but even then there isn’t a lot of space in the back of a Defender when it has to house all your necessary food, water, cooking equipment, bedding, tools and toiletries.

Needless to say, clothes got pushed to the bottom of the priority list!

And so we ended up with room for one small backpack each.

And when I mean small I’m talking about nothing bigger than a large daypack each.

Yes, we have a 35l and 45l backpack for a year’s worth of clothes respectively.

The boy gets the bigger backpack as he’s a bit bigger!

So then came the mission of trying to cram clothes for all eventualities in these size bags.

We need clothes for hot weather and cold weather you see, clothes for the tropics and clothes for sub-zero temperatures, we need clothes to work in, clothes to walk in and clothes to wear every day.

Clothes for the beach, clothes for the bush and clothes for the busy cities.

You get the picture, we need a wide range of clothes.

Turns out cramming them in wouldn’t do the job, turns out my usual fail-safe method of roll and stuff wasn’t fail-safe either.

Nothing would get the amount of clothes we wanted into the bag and there was no way we could cut back even more!

Packing Cubes 2

Luckily, packing cubes from Amazon came to the rescue and arrived in a matter of days.

Well hastily, I unstuffed our overflowing backpacks ready for the road trip and set to work testing these packing cubes out.

And I have to admit I was pretty amazed.


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The amount you can fit into one of those bad boys is seriously impressive.

The trick, it seems, is compression.

The packing cubes wonderfully compressed our clothes so that I could fit more into them and hence more into the backpacks.

That’s the simple logic and, believe me, it works.

That’s why the packing cubes were especially advantageous for stuffing thick jumpers into bags.

The bulkier the item, the more they seemed to compress.

With the handy help of the packing cubes, everything now fitted into our 2 backpacks.

Packing Cubes 3

Well, I was sold.

After a week on the road now, the packing cubes have also been wonderfully useful at organising the stuff in our backpacks.

When I lean in from the back door of the car and want to find something in my bag – life is a lot easier, because I know which packing cube it is in.

I have organised them of course, meaning similar clothes types are together (OCD, I told you!).

This means I don’t have to go rummaging through the whole backpack to find one pair of shorts.

Cue: watershed moment in the packing department!

On top of this, I really like the slick look of my black packing cubes, as well as the good quality fabric and strong sturdy zips, so that I can happily stuff as many clothes into them as I physically can without worrying they are going to split!

So delighted was I with the result of my packing cubes, I immediately posted my efforts onto my Instagram account.

Several people commented that they too loved their packing cubes so much, they now couldn’t travel without them!

Well, I really don’t think I would ever travel without my packing cubes again either!

So if you’re looking to join the packing cube club too, then definitely check out Amazon’s great selection.

Easy to order and so easy to use.

Or what?

Scared you might be converted too?!



Why I Was Wrong About Packing Cubes and Why I Know LOVE Them! {Big World Small Pockets}





6 thoughts on “Why I Was Wrong About Packing Cubes

  1. Tag Along Deb says:

    Ha ha! I too thought they were just a gimmick, but man, I love my packing cubes. I just like that when I arrive at my destination I can take them out of my suitcase and put them in dresser drawers. No need to unpack. Everything is organized and visible.

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