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How I Plan When Travelling Without Flying + 5 Top Tips to Help You Do the Same

How I Plan to Travel Without Flying in 2020

Yup, it’s a pretty big decision if you’re any sort of keen traveller, and it’s a pretty huge decision if you work as a travel blogger, but, in the end, the decision wasn’t really a choice! I’ve felt passionately about the environment and the climate change issues our planet is facing even since I was […]

Staring into Eswatini… But How Deep Should We Go?

Staring into Swaziland

Countries that have different cultural values to our own present the traveller with an amazing opportunity to learn and witness something else, something “other”, but this can also come with its own set of moral dilemmas to navigate. And while, to some people, this may sound either boring, complicated, or both; for me, it’s exactly […]

11 Life Lessons I Learnt Living in Lebanon

11 Life Lessons I Learnt Living in Lebanon

  I fell in love with Lebanon almost from the moment I arrived in the country. Maybe it was because I’d been travelling in countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Jordan by myself, directly before I got to Lebanon, that this Mediterranean nation with its semi-western influences suddenly felt more relaxed and easy to me. […]

The Many Faces of Indonesia

The Many Faces of Indonesia

  Made up of 17,500 islands and 33 provinces that span 2 hemispheres, it’s hard to argue that Indonesia is one of the most diverse and culturally rich countries in the world. And with 300 languages spoken, six government-recognised religions practised and an estimated 300 different ethnic groups, the true scale of Indonesia’s many faces […]

Why I Never Scuba Dived Lake Malawi

Never Scuba Diving Lake Malawi

  Are you a bucket list traveller or do you balk at the very phrase? So often the drive to tick things off our list, or not, can define our travel styles… and us as travellers. Put very crudely, there are those that travel primarily to check world sights and countries off their lists and […]

10 Reasons I Fell in Love with Geraldton, Western Australia

10 Reasons We Fell in Love with Geraldton, Western Australia

  Sometimes in life you just stumble upon those destinations that, quite out of the blue, quite surprisingly, absolutely delight you! Yes you’ve heard a bit about them, read a bit about them, but nothing to suggest you were going to find the place anything special. But then you get there and something clicks, this […]

Living a Life of Travel by Jonny Blair: Real People, Real Answers

  Name: Jonny Blair Age: Older than 30 Nationality: Northern Irish Occupation: Full time tourist and travel writer; part time barman, ice cream seller, teacher. Current Location: Warszawa, POLAND Related Posts Living a Life of Travel by Etramping: Real People, Real Answers 10 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money 25 Clear Signs You’re Still […]