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The Many Faces of Indonesia

The Many Faces of Indonesia

  Made up of 17,500 islands and 33 provinces that span 2 hemispheres, it’s hard to argue that Indonesia is one of the most diverse and culturally rich countries in the world. And with 300 languages spoken, six government-recognised religions practised and an estimated 300 different ethnic groups, the true scale of Indonesia’s many faces […]

Trabug : Helping You Stay Connected For Less During Your Travels in India


  India is a land of colourful chaos and curious cultures that rub against each other in a vibrant balance not found anywhere else on earth. It is diverse and beautiful. It is huge and welcoming. But while it’s all these great things, India is also a little difficult to understand! If like me, you’re […]

5 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Visit Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

  Unbelievably, I’m yet to explore the continent of Asia at all. Somehow I feel like I might be saving the best for last! From scuba diving the Philippines to yoga in India, from trekking in Nepal to exploring the temples of Cambodia, I can’t wait to explore the length and breadth of this diverse […]