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My Super Surprise: The Sparkle of Sri Lanka!

My Sri Lanka Surprise

Controversially south Asia was not a region I’d fallen in love with travel-wise. With its great beaches, epic cultural attractions and rich culinary traditions, I’d enjoyed my travels across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and beyond, but this wasn’t a region that had really grabbed my heart like South America or southern Africa. […]

Full Guide to Visiting the Nine Arch Bridge, Sri Lanka

Guide to Visiting the Nine Arch Bridge, Sri Lanka

The Nine Arch Bridge is one of Sri Lanka’s most famous Instagram spots, and now something of an icon in its tourism marketing efforts. If you don’t know what the Nine Arch Bridge is, then likely an image of it will instantly have you saying “ah yes” as you recognise the familiar picture. Absolutely huge […]

Minneriya National Park: The Place to See Sri Lanka Elephants

Complete Travel Guide to Minneriya National Park

To put it simply, Minneriya National Park is one of the top places to safari in Sri Lanka, and was certainly a glowing highlight of my time across this amazing island. Although I’ve travelled in Africa a lot, and enjoyed many a safari there, this was my first experience of an Asian safari and, to […]

How to Plan the Best Sri Lankan Safari Experience – Where to Go, Where to Stay, Top Tours + Wildlife Tips

How to Plan the Best Sri Lankan Safari Experience

We all tend to think about east or southern Africa when it comes to wildlife spotting via game drives, but did you know Sri Lanka also offers some amazing safari opportunities? Rather embarrassingly, I actually didn’t realise this until I visited this beautiful Indian Ocean island, but was amazed to discover that Sri Lankan safaris […]

Top Travel Guide to Galle, Sri Lanka: Things to Do, Where to Stay + Eat

Travel Guide to Galle, Sri Lanka

One of Sri Lanka’s top destinations, the southern city of Galle is the ideal spot to head for if you want to combine the beautiful coastal landscapes of this island with plenty of history, charm, sightseeing and great food. All in all, it’s just about the best of Sri Lanka in a nutshell! But what […]

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka + Month by Month Breakdown

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka + Month by Month Breakdown

Located in the tropics, with its notoriously hot and humid weather, choosing the best time to visit Sri Lanka is absolutely key in making sure you have the best time possible across this amazing island! A diverse country, with a huge range of different topographies – from the central highlands to the steaming coast – […]

Perfect Sri Lanka Packing List – What to Wear & Take

Perfect Sri Lanka Packing List

Welcome to the ultimate Sri Lanka packing guide – your complete checklist to everything you need to pack for travels in this amazing country, plus some of your key questions answered about what to wear when you’re there too. With sections about how best to dress as a women, especially given Sri Lanka’s diverse climate, […]

Your Dream Itinerary to Laos and Brunei

Your Dream Itinerary to Laos and Brunei

Perhaps an unlikely combination, this dream itinerary to Laos and Brunei will show you exactly why these 2 countries make the perfect combination for your travels in Southeast Asia. Wonderfully exemplifying the diversity in the region, both of these destinations are among the least travelled nations in this part of the world, but provide incredible […]