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Best Things to See in Kotor, Montenegro in 1-3 Days

Best Things to See in Kotor, Montenegro

Let’s be clear here peeps, you need to get to Kotor in Montenegro and you need to do it soon! For while this gem of a Balkan beauty has definitely been discovered by travellers already, it’s only going to get busier! I mean just look at nearby Dubrovnik! Every bit as picturesque as Dubrovnik in […]

Complete Travel Guide to Saint Louis, Senegal

Complete Travel Guide to Saint Louis,

Located in the very north of Senegal, Saint Louis is a UNESCO-listed city you have to visit during your time in the West African country. The former capital of Senegal, under French colonial rule, this now crumbling city possesses a kind of faded glamour and glory, coupled with an emerging young, vibrant and creative dynamic. […]

10 Best Things to Do in Punta Arenas, Chile

10 Best Things to Do in Punta Arenas

My trip to Punta Arenas came as a total surprise… in no less than 2 ways! To start with, I had no idea I was actually going to be in Punta Arenas at all! I’d booked a flight from Santiago in Chile to Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands, but didn’t realise this actually involved […]

Is Tallinn Worth Visiting? Best Things to Do in Tallinn + Top Reasons to Go

Is Tallinn Worth Visiting?

Wondering whether Tallinn is worth visiting? Well the answer, in my opinion, is yes! In fact, not only do I think the Estonian capital is worth visiting, I actually think that next year, it’s set to become one of the hottest destinations in Europe. So from its architecture, accessibility and affordability, through to the best […]

11 Great Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Tallinn to Try on Your Trip

11 Great Restaurants, Cafes & Bars to Try When you Travel to Tallinn

Lucky me, I got to visit Tallinn during the city’s Restaurant Week so, needless to say, I definitely got to savour the flavour in some the city’s best restaurants, cafes and bars. And I’m delighted to bring you my top 11 picks, because who knew Tallinn had so many fab places to dine and drink? […]

Top Travel Guide to Galle, Sri Lanka: Things to Do, Where to Stay + Eat

Travel Guide to Galle, Sri Lanka

One of Sri Lanka’s top destinations, the southern city of Galle is the ideal spot to head for if you want to combine the beautiful coastal landscapes of this island with plenty of history, charm, sightseeing and great food. All in all, it’s just about the best of Sri Lanka in a nutshell! But what […]

Travel Guide to Al Huwariyah: Tunisia’s Outdoor Adventure Capital

Travel Guide to Al Huwariyah, Tunisia

You may not have heard of Al Huwariyah (as I hadn’t until a few months ago either!), but let me tell you, if you plan on travelling to Tunisia, this is a must-visit destination on your list. And this is especially true if you’re into outdoor activities and adventures. Rarely thought of as an active […]

Sidi Bou Said: Travel Guide to this Stunning Tunisian Town

Sidi Bou Said - Travel Guide

The beautiful coastal town of Sidi Bou Said is a must visit destination in Tunisia. Famed for its historic streets and gorgeous white and blue buildings, Sidi Bou Said is about as picturesque a spot as they come, with its sea views and bougainvillea-laiden frontages. Filled with cafes, photographic corners and beautiful rooftops, quaint Sidi […]

Full Travel Guide to La Laguna, Tenerife

La Laguna Tenerife Travel Guide

A thriving student and cultural city in Tenerife, La Laguna was once the former capital of the island and boasts a beautiful historic centre, a unique climate and loads of amazing things to do around. If you’re visiting Tenerife, especially the lesser-explored north of the island, then La Laguna is a must-see. A wonderful place […]

15 Best Glasgow Attractions to Tick Off Your List

Glasgow Attractions

Planning to visit this iconic British city? Then here’s the 15 best Glasgow attractions you can’t miss! Because did you know that Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city? Ashamed to say, but until I was researching this article, I always thought Edinburgh – the country’s capital – was the largest city… shocking! But it isn’t and […]