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Top 25 Things to Do in York – Perfect Day Trip List!

The 25 Top Things to Do in York, UK

If there’s one historic city you need to visit in the north of England, it has to be York! Yes Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle all have selling points too (not least their cultural vibrancy) but, if you’re after quaint cobbled charm and a good dollop of Viking history on the side, then it has […]

Top 21 Things To Do in Canterbury, England

Top 21 Things To Do in Canterbury, England

Well I think it’s fair to say that the cat is well and truly out the bag! Yes when it comes to Canterbury, it’s no longer a secret that this spot is THE alternative to a Cambridge or Oxford excursion. Rivalling these 2 greats when it comes to historic charm, cathedrals and colleges, famous residents, […]

Top 13 Things To Do in Winchester, UK

Top 13 Things To Do in Winchester, England

One of England’s flagship Cathedral cities, Winchester makes for the ideal historic day trip or weekend getaway. With one of the oldest high streets in the country and a religious building that’s famous the world over, there’s no question, this place is big on the heritage gems! Set in the county of Hampshire, it’s pretty […]

10 Best Things to Do in Swanage, Dorset + Travel Tips

10 Best Things to Do in Swanage, Dorset

It was when I was planning my staycation trip to Dorset in the UK that I quickly realised how difficult it is to decide where to base yourself in this jam-packed destination. Which is how I stumbled upon Swanage! Spanning a large section of the south coast of England and filled with great beaches, top […]

Top 10 Things to Do in Cambridge

Top 10 Things to Do Cambridge, England

One of the UK’s most famous cities, visiting Cambridge is a must on your British bucket list! Shamefully, I hadn’t ticked it off mine until very recently, but thankfully our old friend the pandemic has meant this is yet another classic UK gem I’ve now finally seen! In tight competition with Oxford, and rivalling the […]

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Ely, Cambridgeshire

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Ely, Cambridgeshire

A tiny but beautiful city in Cambridgeshire, England, Ely is a real gem if you’re looking to escape the crowds and get a full slice of local feels. The perfect balance to the often-over touristy nearby city of Cambridge, Ely is a total treasure often outshadowed by its more famous neighbour. But that doesn’t mean […]

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Wells, Somerset

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Wells in Somerset, UK

I have to admit, I visited Wells by mistake. Yes it might sound like a strange mistake to make, but y’know, this pandemic-induced staycation of mine has thrown up all sorts of curveballs! And Wells was one of them. A welcome curveball in the end, but a curveball nonetheless because, in all honesty, this was […]

Top 21 Things To Do in Hastings, England

Top 21 Things To Do in Hastings, England

A wonderful spot on the English south coast, Hastings is perfectly situated between coast and country. With both sandy and pebble beaches on its shore, along with wonderful countryside perfect for walking around, there’s no end of history and character thrown into the joyful mix of Hastings and its surrounds! It certainly makes for a […]