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Ultimate Guide to Visiting Wells, Somerset

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Wells in Somerset, UK

I have to admit, I visited Wells by mistake. Yes it might sound like a strange mistake to make, but y’know, this pandemic-induced staycation of mine has thrown up all sorts of curveballs! And Wells was one of them. A welcome curveball in the end, but a curveball nonetheless because, in all honesty, this was […]

Top 21 Things To Do in Hastings, England

Top 21 Things To Do in Hastings, England

A wonderful spot on the English south coast, Hastings is perfectly situated between coast and country. With both sandy and pebble beaches on its shore, along with wonderful countryside perfect for walking around, there’s no end of history and character thrown into the joyful mix of Hastings and its surrounds! It certainly makes for a […]

Top 25 Famous Buildings in London You Must See

25 Famous Buildings in London You Must See

Oh London! Is it the best city in the world? Answer: probably! Yes there’s no denying this city is one of my favourites and that’s not least because, even after living here on and off for years, I still haven’t explored it all! Because London really is the capital where you could spend a lifetime […]

Top 13 Things to Do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Top 13 Things To Do in Hoi An, Vietnam

One of Vietnam’s most charming destinations, there’s no question that Hoi An is a feast for the senses in every way. From the iconic and UNESCO-listed Old Town with its beautiful cobbled streets and lanterns hanging in the air, through to the city’s amazing culinary scene and riverside setting, not to mention the many easy […]

How to Catch the Bus to Salisbury, England

All You Need to Know About the Catching the Bus to Salisbury Cathedral

With one of the grandest Cathedrals in England, as well as an original copy of the Magna Carta and Stonehenge on the doorstep, there’s certainly plenty of reasons why you’d want to visit Salisbury. And getting there by bus is certainly one of the cheapest and easiest ways to do it. So here I talk […]

3 Days in Buenos Aires: The Ideal City Itinerary!

Best 3 Day Itinerary for Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is basically impossible not to fall in love with. Now you may think I’m going over the top here with my superlatives (and as the travel gods know, I do sometimes have a tendency to do this… look it comes with the territory), but seriously this city is too […]

Top 11 Things To Do in Frankfurt, Germany

Top 11 Things To Do in Frankfurt, Germany

A major city in Germany, a transport hub and an industrial and economic powerhouse, there’s no doubt Frankfurt is a prominent German destination. But it’s not always a major tourism destination. In fact, most travellers simply arrive here at the airport or train station (they are 2 of the busiest in the country) and then […]

Ultimate Travel Guide to Heidelberg, Germany

Ultimate Travel Guide to Heidelberg

Summer 2020 was the summer I fell in love with Germany as a travel destination. Yes it’s pretty hard to believe now, but I really had overlooked this massive nation in the heart of Europe (aside from a fun-filled frenzy in Berlin), as a place lacking pzazz! But with Covid keeping us all closer to […]

Best Barcelona Itinerary: 3 Days, All the Sights

Top 3 Day Barcelona Itinerary

  It’s one of Europe’s most loved cities and with the Spanish ambience, top sights, artistic flavour, coastal location and great food and wine on offer, there’s no question that Barcelona is an absolute winner. If you haven’t visited Spain or even Europe that much, then there’s a high chance this gem is going to […]