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21 Top Things to Do in Cusco… 9 of Them Free!

Top Things To Do in Cusco

Let’s start with a small disclaimer… I spent over 3 weeks in and around Cusco alone! Which is not hard given the amount of things there is to do here. Yup I spent more time in this city than I reckon most people spend in the whole of Peru and that’s because it’s a) amazing […]

Best Madrid Itinerary for Weekend or 2 Day Trip

The Best Madrid Itinerary for Your Weekend Trip

The centrally-located capital of Spain, Madrid so often gets overlooked in favour of its more touristy national counterpart, Barcelona. But if you want to discover a more local city vibe in this country, then can I suggest heading for the capital instead. A fairly small and easily navigable European capital, it’s amazing just how much […]

Top 13 Things to Do in Arequipa, Peru

The 13 Best Things To Do in Arequipa, Peru

One of Peru’s many UNESCO World Heritage sights, the stunning city of Arequipa in the south of country is a delightful spot to explore, with tons of amazing things to do. Renowned for its charming colonial architecture, Arequipa’s famous use of sillar, a white volcanic stone, is what gives many of its buildings such a […]

19 Super Things to Do in Lima, Peru

19 Super Things to Do in Lima, Peru

It was my first arrival point back into Latin America after almost a decade and I’ve got to say, Lima didn’t disappoint. In fact, it far exceeded my expectations because, I have to admit, I was expecting a crime-ridden, dirty, dangerous place! And I’m sure while Lima still has it sketchy parts, the vast majority […]

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia: Full Travel Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Cameron Highlands

I’ve probably said it a million times before, but I’ll say it again now (why not!) Malaysia is a seriously diverse country. In fact, the sheer volume of different landscapes, terrains, cultures and cuisines this nation combines is actually amazing and certainly makes for a rich travel experience. And perhaps never was this made clearer […]

21 Top Things to Do in Tbilisi, Georgia’s Amazing Capital

21 Top Things to Do in Tbilisi

If you haven’t heard about Tbilisi, the buzzing capital of Georgia, then you need to educate yourself! And if you have heard of it, but haven’t been, then you need to book a flight! Yup, that’s how passionately I feel about this fab city at the very edge of Europe in the Caucasus region. With […]

14 Places to Visit in Singapore For FREE!

14 Places to Visit in Singapore For FREE!

I’ve got to be honest, I expected to be pretty cynical about Singapore – a city known for its sterile feel and rampant consumerism (not my vibe!) But having spent almost a week in this country, I’ve got to admit I was wrong! And it’s not often that happens, so you know this is serious! […]