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How to Travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

How to Travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

  Two of the best cities in Southeast Asia in my opinion, both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are must-see destinations if you’re visiting this region, as both have so much to offer in terms of culture, food and attractions. And the best thing? These 2 destinations are actually pretty close together, which means it’s very […]

Malaysia Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip Here Cost?

What Does it Cost to Travel in Malaysia?

  Looks like you might be thinking of travelling to Malaysia? Wanting to do it on a budget? Well you’re in the right place! I travelled Malaysia on a shoestring and am delighted to say that not only is this totally possible, but it’s very easy too. And you don’t have to scrimp much on […]

Top 21 Things to Do in Malaysia

Top 21 Things to Do In Malaysia

Boasting 2 coastlines, with stunning beaches and an array of islands, cool highlands, steamy jungles, dazzling cities and some UNESCO-listed heritage towns, Malaysia really is quite a traveller treasure trove. It seems something of a shame, therefore, that this country is so regularly left of many Southeast Asia travel itineraries, often overshadowed by the more […]

Perhentian Islands : Ultimate Travel Guide

Ultimate Travel Guide to the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

  By the time I reached the tropical Perhentian Islands off Malaysia’s east coast I’d be travelling non-stop in Southeast Asia for over 2 months. And I was exhausted. I was especially exhausted of the noisy cities, hectic pollution and piles of trash. And so it was that the beautiful paradise pearls of the Perhentian […]

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia: Full Travel Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Cameron Highlands

  I’ve probably said it a million times before, but I’ll say it again now (why not!) Malaysia is a seriously diverse country. In fact, the sheer volume of different landscapes, terrains, cultures and cuisines this nation combines is actually amazing and certainly makes for a rich travel experience. And perhaps never was this made […]

Top Malaysia Itinerary: 2 Weeks on a Budget

Top Malaysia Itinerary

  In my opinion it doesn’t get much more diverse than Malaysia. Yes this Southeast Asian country really is the king of multiculturalism in just about every single way. From the food to the people, the landscape to the architecture, Malaysia is one giant jigsaw, a collection of societies layered on top of, and into, […]

21 Great Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur on a Budget

21 Great Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

  I must admit I feel a bit sorry for poor, old Kuala Lumpur. The capital of Malaysia tends to get seriously bagged out by travellers, who frequently label it as bland and boring. Largely overshadowed by its big-time neighbours – glitzy Singapore and bustling Bangkok – KL just rarely gets a tourist look-in and […]

10 Fab Things to Do in Malacca on a Budget

10 Fab Things to Do in Malacca, Malaysia

  The beautiful, charming city of Malacca was, without question, one of my favourite spots throughout my 3 week trip in Malaysia. Chilled, café-laden and oozing a rich colonial history, Malacca ticked a lot of boxes for me and I can’t recommend getting this spot on your itinerary enough too. If you’re tired of big […]