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Experience Paradise at These Beaches in Kotor and Nearby

Experience Paradise at These Beaches in Kotor and Nearby

If you’re on the hunt for a beach holiday that’s nothing short of spectacular, try visiting the beaches in Kotor, Montenegro and nearby. Trust me, Montenegro’s coastal scene packs a serious punch, with breathtaking beauty and affordability that could give even the famed Rivieras a run for their money. Who needs the pricey shores of […]

6 Best Sierra Leone Beaches

6 Best Sierra Leone Beaches

If you weren’t in the know already, then let me tell you Sierra Leone’s beaches are some of the world’s most beautiful! Who knew?! Well not me, until I visited this incredible country and saw for myself how gorgeous the white sands, blue Atlantic and palm tree-fringed shores of this country’s coastline were. And you […]

Nearest Beach to Amsterdam: Travel Guide to Zandvoort & Ijmuiden

Nearest Beach to Amsterdam

There’s no question that Amsterdam is one heck of an incredible city and that enjoying the museums, canals and galleries of the Dutch capital is a must for at least 2 days of your itinerary. But what if you’re looking to enjoy a slice of the seaside alongside this great city? Well, the fantastic news […]

Complete Guide to Visiting Cefalù & its Beach

Complete Guide to Visiting Cefalù & the Beach

Situated slightly to the east of Palermo, for those completing a circuit in west Sicily, Cefalù often gets left off the menu. And this is also true for those sticking to east Sicily, because Cefalù is still miles away! And this, in my experience leads to one of 2 things happening. Either Cefalù gets missed […]

How to Travel From Trapani to Favignana + Full Island Guide

How to Travel From Trapani to Favignana + Full Island Guide

I sometimes feel travel blogging is a bit like being a parent, we shouldn’t have favourites… but invariably we do! And so it is with Favignana in Sicily, for while I absolutely loved the whole of this Italian island, I have to be honest and say that Favignana stole a little bit more of the […]

10 Best Beaches in Sicily

10 Best Beaches on Sicily

Honestly, I’m not trying to start this article on a downbeat note, but, spoiler alert, most people don’t head to Sicily for the beaches. But wait, that’s not because the beaches here aren’t fabulous, but rather because this Italian gem of an island – the largest in the Mediterranean don’t y’know – offers so much, […]

7 Best Beaches Near Seville

7 Best Beaches Near Seville, Spain

So sorry to break it to you guys, but Seville is actually situated inland, so for all of you that are Googling “beaches in Seville”, you’re out of luck! Yes please note, there are no beaches in Seville, Seville does not have a beach, nor a coastline, and that’s for the simple reason it’s not […]