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Top 21 Things to Do in Lisbon

Top 21 Things to Do in Lisbon

Haven’t been to Lisbon yet? Then you’re missing out because there’s a huge amount number of amazing things to do in this city! Yes if you weren’t already in the know, then Lisbon is the hot European city to visit at the moment and with its gorgeous tiled buildings, amazing café and bar scene, plus […]

Can You Day Trip to Porto from Lisbon?

Can You Day Trip to Porto from Lisbon

So you’re travelling to Portugal and want to enjoy both of this country’s top cities in a short amount of time? Then read on, because this post will be perfect for you! Answering all the questions you have around whether you can, and should, day trip to Porto from Lisbon, I’ll provide all the travel […]

Porto Day Trips: 8 Best Options

Top 8 Day Trips from Porto

If you’ve read any other posts from my travels in Portugal, you’ll know that I absolutely loved my time in the country. And a key part of this was the sheer diversity of experiences that visiting this part of the Iberian peninsula has in store for travellers. And Porto is no exception! A historic city, […]

Top 17 Things to Do in Porto

Top 17 Things to Do in Porto

Portugal’s second city, Porto has really only been on the travel radar since 2010, but what a splash this latecomer has made! Now a firm fixture on the European circuit, if you’re feeling like every woman and her dog is travelling to Lisbon, then Porto could be the perfect alternative. Situated in the north of […]

Top 21 Things to Do in Helsinki, Finland

Top 21 Things to Do in Helsinki

Ok so disclaimer coming up, when I visited Helsinki, it was actually a national holiday! Yes, unbeknownst to me, the one main day that I had set aside to run around Helsinki and undertake all the sightseeing I could, was actually Finnish Independence Day. And it was minus 20 degrees celsius! At first, even through […]

Top 19 Things to Do in Seville

Top 19 Things to Do in Seville, Spain

One of Spain’s most historic and opulent cities, Seville oozes elegance and charm. When strolling around this city, the opulent and almost regal quality of much of the architecture helped me understand the strong cultural pride and identity Seville’s citizens are famous for. With some of the country’s warmest weather and more sights than you […]

15 Epic Things to Do in Palma de Mallorca

Top 15 Things to do in Palma de Mallorca

Who would have guessed that the capital city of a stunning Spanish island could have been such a star attraction?! With so many amazing beaches around as well as wonderful fishing ports, not to mention national parks and mountainous trails, it really is pretty amazing that Palma makes it onto any list of the best […]