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Cologne Cathedral: All You Need to Know About Visiting & Climbing It!

Cologne Cathedral

The place to visit in this German city, the Cologne Cathedral really is the number one attraction you can’t miss if you’re exploring here. UNESCO-listed since 1996 (I’ll go into why a little later on), with a whole heap of accolades to its name (including the world’s tallest twin-sphered church and the largest Gothic Cathedral […]

Cologne Triangle: How to Catch this City’s Best Sunset

Cologne Triangle

If you’re coming to this fab German city, then you really can’t miss visiting the Cologne Triangle. One of the top icons in the city, many tourists miss it out, largely because it lies across the bridge on the otherside of the river from the city’s historic centre. But miss this iconic tower at your […]

15 Best Glasgow Attractions to Tick Off Your List

Glasgow Attractions

Planning to visit this iconic British city? Then here’s the 15 best Glasgow attractions you can’t miss! Because did you know that Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city? Ashamed to say, but until I was researching this article, I always thought Edinburgh – the country’s capital – was the largest city… shocking! But it isn’t and […]

Hop on Hop off Glasgow Bus Tours: All You Need to Know

Hop on Hop off Glasgow Bus Tours All You Need to Know

If you’re looking to see Scotland’s largest city in an easy, quick and digestible way, then can I recommend a Hop On Hop Glasgow bus tour? Ok ok, so before we go any further, we need to address what on earth has happened here! From former wild, solo female hitchhiker, I’m now recommending bus tours […]

Top 20 Things to Do in Sicily

Top 20 Things to Do in Sicily

  Let’s be honest for a moment here, who doesn’t want to holiday in Sicily? The most southerly part of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean, this incredible part of Europe boasts sensational weather, fabulous history, amazing food, great coast and a fascinating culture influenced by nearby North Africa, as well as the […]

Top 13 Things to Do in Palermo, Sicily

Top 13 Things to Do in Palermo, Sicily

  The roaring capital of Sicily is a feast for all those who lay eyes on her… both literally and metaphorically! Indeed it’s hard not to be blown away (and have your waistline seriously expanded) during a trip to this vibrant and authentic city, which definitely ranks among my favourite places on the island. With […]