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Top 21 Things to Do in Malaysia

Top 21 Things to Do In Malaysia

Boasting 2 coastlines, with stunning beaches and an array of islands, cool highlands, steamy jungles, dazzling cities and some UNESCO-listed heritage towns, Malaysia really is quite a traveller treasure trove. It seems something of a shame, therefore, that this country is so regularly left of many Southeast Asia travel itineraries, often overshadowed by the more […]

Overview Travel Guide to the Kenya Coast

The Quick Guide to the Kenya Coast

I guess when most people think of Kenya they think of a trip that involves sensational safaris and some crazy African cities. At least I know I did. But away from the wildlife spotting opps (which are sensational btw) and those crazy cities (Nairobi I’m looking at you!) Kenya also boasts a stunning coastline. With […]

Why I Never Scuba Dived Lake Malawi

Never Scuba Diving Lake Malawi

  Are you a bucket list traveller or do you balk at the very phrase? So often the drive to tick things off our list, or not, can define our travel styles… and us as travellers. Put very crudely, there are those that travel primarily to check world sights and countries off their lists and […]

Diving Zanzibar: Breathing the Best Bubbles with Buccaneer

Diving Zanzibar // Breathing the Best Bubbles with Buccaneer

  Ever since I first learnt to scuba dive in Nicaragua, I’ve wanted to experience the fantastic underwater world of Zanzibar in East Africa. Perhaps it’s because that’s where my instructor first learnt her trade, or perhaps I just loved the idea of scuba in the exotic waters off the African coast, but whatever the […]

The 10 Best Ways to Experience Australia’s Ningaloo Reef

The 10 Best Ways to Experience Australia’s Ningaloo Reef

  There’s few places in Australia as spectacular and awe-inspiring as the Ningaloo Reef. Far less well-known internationally, and therefore much quieter than the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo off the west coast of the country is, nevertheless, a UNESCO World Heritage site and every bit as impressive, if not more so, than its eastern counterpart. […]

10 Epic Travel Destinations for Summer Holidays 2022

10 Epic Budget Travel Destinations for Your Next Summer Holiday

  Determined to book yourself a summer holiday this year but worried the state of your bank account may threaten your plans once again? Well fear not! I’ve put together my list of 10 epic budget travel destinations for your next summer holiday, so that you can get planning, booking and packing for your sunshine […]

The Top 9 Places to Snorkel in Belize

The Top 9 Places For Your Belize Snorkeling Experience

  Located in the beautiful continent of Central America, Belize offers some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful landscapes both above and below its crystal waters. With a year-round tropical climate and ocean temperatures to match, Belize is renowned for its world-class snorkelling, which you can combine with relaxing on idyllic white beaches and sipping a […]

How to See the Best of the Galapagos on a Budget

Ecuador, Galapagos, Iguana

  The Galapagos Islands aren’t typically a place that you’d associate with budget travel, but the great news is that it’s definitely possible to take a trip there without breaking the bank. Yes, these islands are more expensive than other destinations in South America, but there are plenty of ways to explore the Galapagos on […]

8 Unmissable Places If You Want To Visit the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

  All Australian visitors want to enjoy the world-class marine life of the Great Barrier Reef, and who could blame them; it is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, a World Heritage Site and the only living thing on earth visible from space! Stretching all the way down the east coast of […]