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12 Must Visit National Parks on the West Coast

12 Must Visit National Parks on the West Coast

Of the 63 national parks found within the USA, an amazing 40 of them are found on the west coast! This means if exploring the beautiful and diverse landscapes of this country is on your bucket list, west really is best! From the gorgeous waterside charm of Channel Islands National Park (a personal favourite of […]

15 Best New Forest Pubs You Can’t Miss

15 New Forest Pubs You Can't Miss

There’s no question, a trip to England’s New Forest national park just isn’t complete without visiting some of its wonderful pubs! From historic spots to flower-adorned gardens, dog-friendly to family-friendly, there’s a huge range of fantastic boozers within this glorious area of Hampshire, and visiting at least a few really is a classic part of […]

Guide to Visiting the Brecon Beacons Waterfalls

Guide to Visiting the Brecon Beacon Waterfalls in Wales

  Ah the beauty of Wales knows no bounds! Honestly, the one good thing about the pandemic is that it gave me the opportunity to fall in love with this country because, rather embarrassingly I just hadn’t explored this area until 2020 swung around. But being stranded in the UK and forced to discover more […]

Complete Guide to Camping in the Brecon Beacons

Complete Guide to Camping in the Brecon Beacons

  One of the UK’s most remarkable parks (not to mention one of its oldest), the Brecon Beacons is a phenomenally scenic part of Wales that should absolutely be on your British bucket list! Encompassing a dramatic mountain range in South Wales, this is a rugged, ancient land that is ideal if you want to […]

10 Best Iguazu Falls Tours + 1 Self-Guided Option!

10 Best Iguazu Falls Tours

Disclaimer! I’m going to be straight up from the start and say I’m not a huge fan of tours, especially to destinations like Iguazu Falls where they are not really needed. Yes that’s right, you don’t need a tour to go to Iguazu Falls! Easy to access via flight or bus, easy to sightsee around […]

Complete Guide to Visiting Phong Nha Caves in Vietnam

Complete Guide to Visiting in Phong Nha Caves in Vietnam

Looking for an amazing day in Vietnam you won’t forget in a hurry? Then visiting the Phong Nha caves in the centre of the country could be just the answer! Technically speaking, Phong Nha is the name of one particular cave, within one particular national park in Vietnam. But like me, most people don’t realise […]

Top 21 Things to Do in Malaysia

Top 21 Things to Do In Malaysia

Boasting 2 coastlines, with stunning beaches and an array of islands, cool highlands, steamy jungles, dazzling cities and some UNESCO-listed heritage towns, Malaysia really is quite a traveller treasure trove. It seems something of a shame, therefore, that this country is so regularly left of many Southeast Asia travel itineraries, often overshadowed by the more […]

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam: The Perfect Halong Bay Alternative

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

  Cat Ba Island is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam in my opinion, but it’s also a spot many travellers miss off their itinerary in this country… and what a shame. #1 Because Cat Ba Island has a lovely national park at its heart – a great place to enjoy some […]

Travel in Huaraz, Peru: All You Need to Know!

Huaraz, Peru - Full Travel Guide

Before my arrival into Peru, I have to admit I’d never even heard of Huaraz, let alone considered travelling there. As such a huge country and with a tight travel timeframe, I’d already pretty much mapped out my time in Peru before my arrival into Lima in September as I fled the impending winter in […]

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Bohemian Switzerland

  I have to be honest, until about a year ago I had never even heard of Bohemian Switzerland… and that’s despite having travelled previously to the 2 major cities nearest to it – namely Dresden in Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic. And this may give you some idea of a) how off […]