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My Super Surprise: The Sparkle of Sri Lanka!

My Sri Lanka Surprise

Controversially south Asia was not a region I’d fallen in love with travel-wise. With its great beaches, epic cultural attractions and rich culinary traditions, I’d enjoyed my travels across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and beyond, but this wasn’t a region that had really grabbed my heart like South America or southern Africa. […]

Dreaming of an Autumn Escape? Don’t Overlook the Amazing Algarve!

Autumn Trip in the Amazing Algarve

Sat in the late afternoon sun, below ancient olive trees, sipping a delicious glass of white produced in the very vineyards surrounding me, I had to punch myself that I really was in the Algarve. After all, my impression of Portugal’s southern region had been something a little different form this. One of the UK’s […]

Staring into Eswatini… But How Deep Should We Go?

Staring into Swaziland

Countries that have different cultural values to our own present the traveller with an amazing opportunity to learn and witness something else, something “other”, but this can also come with its own set of moral dilemmas to navigate. And while, to some people, this may sound either boring, complicated, or both; for me, it’s exactly […]

11 Life Lessons I Learnt Living in Lebanon

11 Life Lessons I Learnt Living in Lebanon

  I fell in love with Lebanon almost from the moment I arrived in the country. Maybe it was because I’d been travelling in countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Jordan by myself, directly before I got to Lebanon, that this Mediterranean nation with its semi-western influences suddenly felt more relaxed and easy to me. […]

The 10 Clear Signs You’ve Survived an Aussie Road Trip!

10 Clear Signs You’ve Survived an Aussie Road Trip!

  10 months it was in the end. 10 months to get from Brisbane to Perth … over the top of Australia. That’s a grand total of 8000km, in case you were wondering, which is roughly the same distance as flying from Sydney to London. And let me tell you, that’s a lot of driving! […]

10 Reasons I Fell in Love with Geraldton, Western Australia

10 Reasons We Fell in Love with Geraldton, Western Australia

  Sometimes in life you just stumble upon those destinations that, quite out of the blue, quite surprisingly, absolutely delight you! Yes you’ve heard a bit about them, read a bit about them, but nothing to suggest you were going to find the place anything special. But then you get there and something clicks, this […]