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Living a Life of Travel by Jonny Blair: Real People, Real Answers

  Name: Jonny Blair Age: Older than 30 Nationality: Northern Irish Occupation: Full time tourist and travel writer; part time barman, ice cream seller, teacher. Current Location: Warszawa, POLAND Related Posts Living a Life of Travel by Etramping: Real People, Real Answers 10 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money 25 Clear Signs You’re Still […]

25 Clear Signs You’re Still a Serial Budget Traveller … in your 30’s!

25 Clear Signs You’re Still a Serial Budget Traveller

  Despite being 32 and no longer within the right demographic to be classed as a gap year backpacker, my budget travel background still hasn’t deserted me. However while I may now prefer a bit more privacy than an 8 bed dorm, even if that is only sleeping in a tent, there are certain behaviours […]

What’s Happened to the Road Trip?

What Happened to the Road Trip?

  I’m so sorry, I know it’s a fair old while since I hopped on here to write about how our life is going and where we’re up to on our great budget 4wd around Australia. And that’s because it’s actually a fair old while since we were last motoring around on our great budget […]

The 10 Travel Moments I’m Most Proud Of

10 Travel Moments I’m Most Proud Of

  I recently wrote a red-faced post that openly disclosed the 9 travel moments I was least proud of. Let’s just say that while it wasn’t the easiest to write, people seemed to enjoy it! Yes my delightful readers, it seems you simply loved reading about my rather less glamourous travel tales! Well, after all […]

How One Travel Lover Turned Her Passion Into An Online Ethical Store

Temples and Markets feature

  It’s what we all dream of, isn’t it? Turning travel into a sustainable lifestyle. Anyone whose ever been on an adventure to some magical faraway lands and become intoxicated with the culture and countryside there can’t help but feel the same. “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could return here again and again, keeping […]

The 9 Travel Moments I’m Least Proud Of

The 9 Travel Moments I'm Least Proud Of

  Cue expressions of shock and gasps of horror, but I’ve got news for you people, travelling isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be! Yes, there are moments of picture-perfect sunsets over paradisiacal beaches and love affairs with exotic strangers that sweep you off your feet. However, there’s also times when you’ll find yourself […]