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11 Life Lessons I Learnt Living in Lebanon

11 Life Lessons I Learnt Living in Lebanon

  I fell in love with Lebanon almost from the moment I arrived in the country. Maybe it was because I’d been travelling in countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Jordan by myself, directly before I got to Lebanon, that this Mediterranean nation with its semi-western influences suddenly felt more relaxed and easy to me. […]

The Ultimate Lebanon Packing List

The Ultimate Lebanon Packing List

  For a tiny country, Lebanon spans an incredible range of worlds; from the hipster bars and cafes of Beirut to the conservative and remote areas of its borders, it crams a lot in. There’s also a wide range of climates this country packs in too – from the snowy mountains to the beaches of […]

Solo Female Travel in Lebanon: Is It Safe?

Solo Female Travel in Lebanon

When many people think about visiting the Middle East – especially solo female travellers – their minds tends to fill with all sorts of concerns. Is it safe? What can I wear? Will I get harassed? Indeed, I too had many of these fears before I set out to travel this part of the world, […]

Discovering Lebanon’s Lost Land: The Aakkar

Lebanon's Lost Land - The Aakkar

  You all know I’ve got a lot of love for Lebanon. But maybe what you don’t know is that it’s not the beguiling charm of Beirut, the ridiculously untouched Roman ruins, the magnificent monasteries or the dazzling diversity of cultures that I loved most. All I do love all those things. Not, what I […]

Backpacking Lebanon? The 25 Things You Need to Know

Backpacking Lebanon - All You Need to Know

  Let’s be honest, Lebanon is definitely not yet a well-known backpacking destination, but I reckon it soon will be, because this place is pumping! Yes now enjoying my third trip to this gorgeous country, Lebanon is a destination I expected nothing from, but one which instantly grabbed me – a total surprise I can […]

lipHe Wellness Retreat : Is This Lebanon’s Biggest Surprise?

LipHe Wellness Retreat

  If you’ve read any of my content coming out of Lebanon, you’ll know that this country has blown me, and continues to blow me, away! It is the very land of surprises, and perhaps there’s never been a bigger one for me, or the Lebanese friend I was travelling with, than heading to lipHe […]

Complete Lebanon Itinerary: 1 Week, All the Highlights!

The Complete Lebanon Itinerary

One of the beautiful things about travelling in Lebanon is, of course, the country’s outstanding beauty! Another beautiful thing about travelling in Lebanon, is the country’s wonderfully compact size. For Lebanon is small – tiny in fact – which makes seeing a lot of it, or at least the touristic highlights, more than possible within […]

10 Epic Things to Do In Lebanon You Can’t Miss!

10 Epic Things to Do In Lebanon

Lovely, lively, lush, large-hearted Lebanon. What an amazing place! So many things to do! Honestly, if I could think of more superlative adjectives beginning with L, I’d be likely to go on and on about this Middle Eastern gem of a country situated along the Mediterranean Coast. The treasures that lie in store in this […]

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Beirut, Lebanon

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Beirut, Lebanon

If there was ever a prize for the coolest city in the Middle East it would have to go to Beirut. And who knew? Well certainly not me before I touched down in Lebanon otherwise I would have allowed myself more than 10 days here! For while Lebanon is a tiny country, there’s so much […]