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Beware! The 10 Worst People To Meet in Your Hostel

Worst People to Meet in Your Hostel

  Travelling the world and being thrust into close living quarters with strangers in a hostel is always an eye-opening experience! There’s nothing quite like living in the same 16-bed dorm with people when it comes to seeing the best, and worst, of the human race. After years of doing just that, I’ve got a […]

10 Lessons Travel Hasn’t Taught Me

10 Lessons Travel Hasn't Taught Me

  We all know we can learn lots from travel, but what doesn’t it teach us? Here’s 10 things I found I haven’t learnt from wandering the globe… Related Posts 7 Luxuries I Miss Most as a Budget Traveller 4 Reasons Why Travel Isn’t About Finding Yourself 5 Reasons I’m Glad I Prioritised Travel over […]

Call Yourself a Traveller? Why I’m Still in Australia

Me Looking Out

It’s funny thinking of yourself as a traveller when you’re not really moving. I guess it only goes to highlight the stupidity of this obtuse term. I mean I am moving – I’m getting out of bed, going to work and exercising, I’m moving my fingers and arms to type these very words right now. […]

7 Luxuries I Miss Most as a Budget Traveller

7 Luxuries I Miss Most as a Budget Traveller

  Now I’m certainly not a handbag and heels kind of girl, in fact I’m not even a hairdryer or hairbrush kind of girl! So, much to my boyfriend’s delight, it seems I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to the luxuries and comforts many ladies like. This definitely helps when you’re a budget traveller. […]

Discovering FREE Guided Meditation Courses Around the World

Free Guided Meditation Courses Around the World

  It was during a trip to New Zealand back in 2008 that I first heard about the free guided meditation courses of Vipassana. Taking place in dedicated centres around the world, these 10 day retreats are conducted in silence and offer a step-by-step chance to learn a very specific sort of meditation technique. The […]

BWSP Named Top Budget Travel Blog

BWSP named Top Budget Travel Blog

  Some super news here in the Big World Small Pockets camp …. I’ve been named as one of the top 15 budget travel blogs by Flipkey.com, a TripAdvisor company. I know, top 15!!! You can check out the award, and the 14 other great travel blogs chosen, here .This is such an exciting accolade, […]

Hiking the Loop: A Solo Female Walking Quilotoa in Ecuador

Walking the Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador

  The green of the open valley stretched as far I could see. Broken only by the odd tree or patch of scrub, it flowed up the to the mountain ridges on each side and looked smooth and soft, like a green dustsheet that had pull over the furniture of these Andean hills to cover […]

5 Reasons I’m Glad I Prioritised Travel over Career in my 20’s

5 Reasons I’m Glad I Prioritised Travel over Career in my 20’s

When I was at school it was an almost anticipated expectation that I’d either be a lawyer or a journalist by the age of 25. You know, somebody with opinions, money and a high-flying career. School was easy and enjoyable for me you see and with supportive parents, a gifted confidence and all the opportunity […]

Delights & Difficulties of Travel Friendships

Travel Friendships

  Surely one of the greatest joys of travelling is the meeting of new people. Often, when I think back to the best places or happiest adventures I’ve had when travelling, brilliant, new and exciting friendships are at the centre of them. Go on, think of a great travel memory … I bet one, if […]