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10 Awesome and Easy Ways to Meet People When Travelling

10 Awesome and Easy Ways to Meet People When Travelling

  Half the fun of travelling isn’t just seeing new places, it’s encountering new faces too. I remember countless times when a visit to a particular town or city wasn’t made amazing by the things I saw or did, but actually by the people I hung out with there. As such, meeting new people is […]

Picking Your Travel Buddy: 7 Key Criteria

Picking your Travel Buddy

  No pressure, but picking a travel buddy is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when you decide to go adventuring around the world! Few things will impact the success or enjoyment of your trip in quite the same way, so selecting a suitable travel partner really is crucial to having the best time […]

10 Lessons Travel Hasn’t Taught Me

10 Lessons Travel Hasn't Taught Me

  We all know we can learn lots from travel, but what doesn’t it teach us? Here’s 10 things I found I haven’t learnt from wandering the globe… Related Posts 7 Luxuries I Miss Most as a Budget Traveller 4 Reasons Why Travel Isn’t About Finding Yourself 5 Reasons I’m Glad I Prioritised Travel over […]

Delights & Difficulties of Travel Friendships

Travel Friendships

  Surely one of the greatest joys of travelling is the meeting of new people. Often, when I think back to the best places or happiest adventures I’ve had when travelling, brilliant, new and exciting friendships are at the centre of them. Go on, think of a great travel memory … I bet one, if […]

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Bloggers Award

  Well, just over 6 months after when I first logged into wordpress, I’ve been given a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by the very generous Lindsay of Sabbatical Around the World. As a blogger to blogger award, this is particularly special because it’s such a great celebration of the female voice, of getting […]

How to Cheaply Get Birthday Presents to Your Loved Ones When Travelling

How to Cheaply Get Birthday Presents to Your Loved Ones When Travelling

  It’s a classic problem that when you’re travelling the world, having too much of a good time, you risk acting like you’ve forgotten those at home. But remember, it’s the people at home that have been with you longer than any travel buddy you’ve picked up, it’s the people at home that have probably supported you […]

Rules for Returning Home (After Travelling)

Returning Home

  As a serial nomad and therefore a practiced returnee, let me tell you that coming back home after a long travel is never easy. Time and time again it is hard for us global wanderers to land back where we began – a sense of dread often proliferates as we seem to be venturing […]

6 Reasons Why Spending Money on Travel Makes you Richer

Spending Money on Travel

  I’m a firm believer that spending money on travel makes you richer in all sorts of ways. We’ve all met people who say, “I wish I could go travelling, but I don’t have enough money,” and we all get bored of hearing it too! So, in honour of those folk, I’ve prepared some handy […]