10 Awesome and Easy Ways to Meet People When Travelling

10 Awesome and Easy Ways to Meet People When Travelling


Half the fun of travelling isn’t just seeing new places, it’s encountering new faces too. I remember countless times when a visit to a particular town or city wasn’t made amazing by the things I saw or did, but actually by the people I hung out with there.

As such, meeting new people is a key part of the travelling adventure and without it, you’re missing out.

So, here are 10 awesome and easy ways to meet people when travelling to ensure you have the best time possible.

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#1 Couchsurf

Australia, QLD, Surfers Noosa

Couchsurfing is one of the most awesome ways to meet people when travelling, especially local people. As a great way to immerse yourself in a place and not just find yourself surrounded people from your own country, couchsurfing is hard to beat

I’m yet to meet a couchsurf host who didn’t let me on a local secret place or tip that otherwise would have passed me by.

Couchsurf hosts have also introduced me to their friends and, in one case, this led me to look for work and set up a life in Noosa, Australia – read the story here!

Now that’s hard to beat!


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#2 Travel Partners

Travel Partners

One of my favourite ways to meet people when travelling is to pin down some travel partners. Depending where you are in the world, this can be done in different ways, but Facebook groups or rideshare websites are common examples that can help you.

In Australia, I’ve also used gumtree a lot for this purpose. Just go to the ‘community’ section of this website and check out the ‘rideshare and travel partners’ part. There’s bound to be a ton of people offering lifts and road trips to some awesome destinations so, if you feel like an adventure, this is the place to find it.

Travelling with randoms can always be hit and miss, but generally, anybody I’ve met this way has been great to journey with!


#3 Show Off a Cool Trick

Nothing engages people more than something visually interesting. So, if you’re looking to strike up a conversation in a hostel or campsite, perhaps showing off your latest cool trick could be the way!

Tricks could be anything from a great headstand move to an awesome juggling show – anything eye catching enough is likely to bring people over to you and get them talking!

Share the love, show them the ropes and you’ll definitely find more than a buddy or 2!


#4 Work for Accommodation in a Hostel

Guest House

Working for accommodation in a hostel is another really good way to meet people, as most backpacker places are known for their social atmosphere. Normally you’ll work for around 4 hours and receive free board, perhaps a bit of food too.

Not only are you likely to develop a group of friends from the people who are also working at the hostel, but there’s also new guests to befriend every day too!


#5 Take a Course

Taking a course or learning something new is another of the best ways to meet people when travelling.

It could be anything from a language course to a yoga course, but getting involved in some form of study will definitely bring you into contact with some fun people, many of whom will likely share the same interests as you.

As most courses last a number of weeks or months, they also present you with a good length of time to really forge a friendship and perhaps make travel plans after together.


#6 Volunteer

Samoa, Lalumano, Fale

From Wwoofing to Helpex, there’s a ton of volunteer opportunities around the world and all of them present you with an awesome and easy way to meet people.

Volunteering tends to have you staying in one place for longer so, without a doubt, you’ll get to make friends with the locals, wherever you are. In addition, other volunteers will also be easy to meet and hang out with too.


#7 Do Something New and Scary

Nothing bonds people together like fear, so doing something that scares you is a great way to meet people whilst travelling. Perhaps you could try bungee jumping or skydiving, or perhaps have a go at scuba diving, surfing or sailing.

Whatever it is, doing a new and adrenaline-raising activity with others who feel the same is bound to bring you together. So pick an activity and round up some others who seem as equally fearful!


#8 Get a Job


If you’re eligible to work in a country you’re visiting, then finding some employment can be one of the top ways to meet people when travelling. This could be in a cafe, a guest house or teaching English (just some of the job I’ve done abroad!)

Having a job will instantly throw you into situations with other people, so if you’re shy or introverted, this can be a great one for getting you out there. Often you meet a mix of other travellers, as well as locals, when you work abroad and this can be a really fruitful combination.

Find out some of the other great reasons to work and travel here.


#9 House Shares

If you’re working whilst travelling, or perhaps just putting your bags down for a while in a sweet spot, then looking for a house share is a great idea when trying to meet others.

Not only will house sharing be cheaper than staying in a hostel or guest house, but it’s also a sure-fire way to meet others who live in the community and aren’t just passing through.

If you’re looking to meet people from the area, or those staying longer than a night or 2, then looking for a house share is a great way to do it.


#10 Cook for Others


Whether you’re in a hostel or a house share, cooking up some food (perhaps traditional treats from your home country) is a great way to get people talking to you!

Everyone loves a free munch, so offer some nibbles about the place and most folk will be delighted to try them.

People respond well to generosity and offering food is a really wholesome and good-hearted way to strike up a conversation.




So those are 10 great and simple ways to meet people when travelling.

What are your thoughts?

How do you normally meet travel buddies?


4 thoughts on “10 Awesome and Easy Ways to Meet People When Travelling

  1. Meghan says:

    I love meeting people while traveling! Love the suggestion of doing something new and scary. I always forget how much experiences bring people together. One of my favorite ways to do it is to talk with people on long bus and train rides.

    • Steph says:

      That is such a great way to meet people Meghan – thanks for jogging my memory! Sometimes I’ve found travel partners for weeks after sharing a bus with them!

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