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21 Things to Know Before You Visit the Falkland Islands

Things to Know Before you Visit the Falkland Islands

I think it’s pretty fair to say, there isn’t much practical info online about visiting the Falkland Islands! In fact, when I was planning my trip there it was almost impossible to easily discover many of the barebones facts of what it takes to plan a trip there, especially if you’re trying to visit this […]

Christmas in Lapland: How to Plan the Best Trip

All You Need to Know About Christmas in Lapland

If there’s one time of year everyone wants to visit Lapland, it’s in the lead-up to Christmas. After all, this winter wonderland just screams festive fun and if there’s one surefire way to get you into the holiday spirit, then kicking off Christmas in Lapland is surely it! And I should know! It’s not every […]

13 Top Tips for Travelling to Mallorca

13 Top Tips When Travelling to Mallorca

Before I travelled to Mallorca, I honestly thought it was only a place for package tourists and badly sunburnt brits abroad! Admittedly, this might be due to an opinion formed during my childhood holidays there in the early nineties, but nevertheless, I certainly wasn’t aware of how great Mallorca was for independent tourists. I knew […]

15 Things to Know Before You Travel Thailand

15 Things To Know Before You Travel Thailand

It’s an absolute budget travel favourite and an all-round backpacker classic – yes the mighty Thailand is just one of those countries most travellers visit. Known for its great food, vibrant culture, buzzing cities and cheap prices, Thailand remains an eternal favourite no matter whether you’re a gap year wanderer, a digital nomad, a scuba […]

19 Things to Know Before You Travel Bolivia

19 Things to Know Before You Travel Bolivia

Planning to travel Bolivia? Then here’s 19 things to know before you go. One of the smaller countries in South America (although still massive if you come from Europe)  beautiful Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries to travel in this continent. Chock full of amazing natural as well as cultural assets, Bolivia really is […]

21 Things To Know Before You Travel Morocco

21 Things To Know Before You Travel Morocco

Perched at the top of Africa, peering over both the Mediterranean and the Sahara, the magical country of Morocco has long been a sought-after destination for travellers. Lured by the wonderful culture, food and history of this ancient land – not to mention the vast landscapes and great surf – Morocco is a traveller-treat in […]