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The Cheap Way to Transfer Money Overseas

The Cheap Way to Transfer Money Overseas

  Yes, once again, it’s time that I head back to Europe from Australia for a long overdue catch up with friends and family in the motherland. While this means I’m currently full of excitement and anticipation, it also means I’m having to do lots of those boring admin travel things that I hate. Number […]

Move Over East Coast // Why I Have Fallen in Love with Western Australia!

Move Over East Coast // Why We Have Fallen in Love with Western Australia!

  Ok, so I’m just going to come out and say it … sorry east coast Australia, but when it comes to the best state in the Land Down Under, WA gets my vote every time. Yes … controversial I know, but Western Australia really is rocking our socks right now! In fact, from the […]

How to Master the Art of Minimalist Packing Like a Pro

10 Great Tips on How to Master the Art of Minimal Packing ... Like a Travel Pro

  Every seasoned traveller knows the pain of packing. And never is the struggle more real than when you’re trying to condense everything you want to take in to the most minimal pack possible. I swear by only ever backpacking with a maximum of 13kg – you can read why here – but the challenge […]

7 Great Tips for Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Hiking

The Best Sunglasses for Hiking

When it comes to hiking we all know that we need a good pair of boots, a high-quality sunscreen and a backpack that holds all of the essentials. However we often neglect one of the most important things we need when hiking. Yes whether it’s a day trip or a multi-day trip, you also need […]

How to Find a Cheap Hotel: Ideas from an Industry Professional

How to Find a Cheap Hotel : Ideas from an Industry Professional

  Ok, so here’s the disclaimer. As well as running a travel blog, I also work in hotels. Yes my love affair with tourism doesn’t just start and end with my personal passion, or my online endeavours, but actually extends into my 9-5 life too. Although that said, I can’t actually remember the last time […]

Tired of Expensive Airport Car Parking Bills? 5 Great Tips to Help Lower the Costs

Airport, Departure Boards, Gate Closed

  There’s few things worse in my opinion as a budget traveller, than those hidden fees that sneak their way into your holiday costs. You know, the ones you hadn’t budgeted for that mean you end up spending way more than you planned. What’s even more annoying is when these expenses aren’t even really part […]

URGH! Can You Guess the 30 Filthiest Attractions on the Planet?

Urgh! Can You Guess the 30 Filthiest Attractions on the Planet {Big World Small Pockets}

  This article was written in collaboration with Helping AU and contains affiliate links meaning Big World Small Pockets may receive a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you. One of the most frequent comments I get asked about being a long-term traveller is how do I put up with the […]

17 Incredible Budget Travel Destinations Still On My List (That Should Be On Yours Too!)

17 Countries Still on My List

The problem with travel is that sometimes it can make the world seem like a very big place. No matter how much of it you explore, there always seems to be more of it to see. Yes, it’s a cruel irony that the more you travel, the more places you realise you’d like to travel […]

20 Hardest Things about Backpacking Australia

Hardest Things About Being a Backpacker

  Backpacking Australia is often sold as an easy life. I mean, endless beach days, rocking nights in the city and in between maybe a spot of surfing, sky diving or stand up paddle boarding, what can be so hard? But I know life is never that simple and even being a backpacker Down Under […]