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21 Things To Know Before You Travel Morocco

21 Things To Know Before You Travel Morocco

Perched at the top of Africa, peering over both the Mediterranean and the Sahara, the magical country of Morocco has long been a sought-after destination for travellers. Lured by the wonderful culture, food and history of this ancient land – not to mention the vast landscapes and great surf – Morocco is a traveller-treat in […]

15 Things to Know Before You Travel Malaysia

15 Things To Know Before You Travel Malaysia

Planning to head to Malaysia soon? Then here’s the 15 things to know ahead of your trip there… One of my favourite countries to travel in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a treat you shouldn’t keep waiting on your bucket list for too long. Thanks to its wonderfully unique culture, staggering natural diversity and some of […]

21 Things to Know Before You Travel Georgia

21 Things to Know Before You Travel Georgia

Oh Georgia (the country!), you really do have it all. Beautiful beaches, crazy cities, amazing architecture, magnificent mountains, fabulous food, wonderful wine … the list really does go on and on (as does my penchant for alliteration!) Safe to say, I often describe Georgia as the whole world in one because, well, pretty much it […]

21 Things to Know Before you Travel Cambodia

21 Things to Know Before you Travel Cambodia

The little gem of Cambodia is a travel paradise! And here’s everything you need to know before you visit! Offering a slower pace of life than you’ll experience in neighbours Vietnam and Thailand, those who travel Cambodia often find it a welcome and relaxing break between these more hectic and fast-paced destinations. But while Cambodia […]

5 Top Tech Travel Tips You’ve Never Thought Of

Croatia, Dubrovnik, Buza Bar

It’s incredible how technology has changed the world. It’s certainly changed how we travel. We can check in online, use our devices as a boarding pass and have almost entirely ditched the tour guide for our friendly iPhones. But we’re also most definitely using tech when travelling to the absolute max. There are dozens of […]

How to Bag One Way Flight Deals : A Pro’s Guide

How to Bag One Way Flight Deals

  It certainly used to be the case that one way flight deals were a fantasy in many independent travellers’ eyes. That dream of jetting off somewhere with an open-ended ticket was just not possible without paying a fortune for a single airfare, or paying nearly as much for a return flight you’d never use. […]

10 Common Mistakes Every Traveller Visiting Ukraine Makes

9 Mistakes Every Traveller Makes About Ukraine

Ukraine… whoever thinks of going to Ukraine? Not me to be honest… until I went that is and discovered this huge country in Eastern Europe was actually WAY WAY better than I expected. Far from Soviet grey, drab and depressing – I found some gorgeous countryside, some thriving cities and a whole lot of loveable […]

18 Top Tips for Travel in Bosnia Herzegovina

The 18 Things You Need to Know about Travel in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The hidden gem of Bosnia Herzegovina is a traveller’s delight. Snuggled in the midst of the Balkans, this country is just creeping onto the tourist radar and as such, prices are still low, crowds are still thin and the scenery is truly spectacular. Of course, no one can discuss visiting this country and not touch […]