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10 Common Mistakes Every Traveller Visiting Ukraine Makes

9 Mistakes Every Traveller Makes About Ukraine

Ukraine… whoever thinks of going to Ukraine? Not me to be honest… until I went that is and discovered this huge country in Eastern Europe was actually WAY WAY better than I expected. Far from Soviet grey, drab and depressing – I found some gorgeous countryside, some thriving cities and a whole lot of loveable […]

13 Amazing Things to Do in Kyiv, Ukraine


I have to be honest, the thought of visiting Kyiv (formerly known as Kiev), the capital of Ukraine, didn’t immediately jump out at me. I’ve seen my fair share of ex-communist capitals and while I admire their architecture and find them culturally fascinating, seeing what I expected to be a grey, drab and dull ex-Soviet […]

25 Unforgettable Things to do in Lviv!

25 Things to Do in Lviv That Prove Just How Quirky this Ukrainian City Is!

Ever heard of Lviv? Nope, nor had I before I started my trip to Ukraine and began learning more and more about this gorgeous gem of a city located in the west of the country. A UNESCO World Heritage-listed town, Lviv, with its great culinary offerings, artistic flavour and coffee obsession sounded right up my […]