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From Solo to Duo: The Truth About Travelling as a Couple

From Solo to Duo // Travel Journeys

  This page contains affiliate links meaning Big World Small Pockets may receive a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you.   Solo Traveller… I was, for many years, an intrepid solo traveller; a die-hard independent woman who wandered the world alone, generally only with a small backpack and a tiny […]

Notes From a Small (Magnetic) Island


  So it’s 5 weeks since we first parked up the Landrover, pulled up the handbrake and finally took our belongings out the back. 5 weeks since we stopped the no-routine, no-timetable lifestyle and had to start setting our alarm clocks and getting a bit organised instead. Yes, it’s 5 weeks since we first arrived […]

The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 4

Palm Trees Airlie

This week seemed a bit disjointed, as we hadn’t really planned too much and the rain seemed to mess us around whenever we did! We only stayed one night in Cape Hillsborough National Park, in the interest of saving money, but wished we has spent more time there, especially when we got to Airlie Bach, […]

Why I Was Wrong About Packing Cubes

Why I was Wrong About Packing Cubes

  Ok, I admit it, I was wrong! I was wrong about . I thought they were a waste of time, a waste of money, a senseless travel accessory. I almost provided myself on traveling without them when it seemed that everyone was being converted, but now I have to admit defeat. More than admit […]

Wow! Alice Springs to Darwin: 1500km for $60

Alice Springs to Darwin

  The Beginning of the Story And so I found myself in Alice Springs, Australia. Quite the literally the middle of nowhere. I’d just been on an awesome 4wd road trip in a Landrover up from South Australia to Central Australia with a new friend of mine and now it was all over. I’d spent […]

Beware! The 10 Worst People To Meet in Your Hostel

Worst People to Meet in Your Hostel

  Travelling the world and being thrust into close living quarters with strangers in a hostel is always an eye-opening experience! There’s nothing quite like living in the same 16-bed dorm with people when it comes to seeing the best, and worst, of the human race. After years of doing just that, I’ve got a […]

Call Yourself a Traveller? Why I’m Still in Australia

Me Looking Out

It’s funny thinking of yourself as a traveller when you’re not really moving. I guess it only goes to highlight the stupidity of this obtuse term. I mean I am moving – I’m getting out of bed, going to work and exercising, I’m moving my fingers and arms to type these very words right now. […]

7 Luxuries I Miss Most as a Budget Traveller

7 Luxuries I Miss Most as a Budget Traveller

  Now I’m certainly not a handbag and heels kind of girl, in fact I’m not even a hairdryer or hairbrush kind of girl! So, much to my boyfriend’s delight, it seems I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to the luxuries and comforts many ladies like. This definitely helps when you’re a budget traveller. […]