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30 Awesome Budget Adventures in Australia You Can’t Miss

30 Awesome Budget Adventures in Australia You Can’t Miss

  Despite the rumours, Australia really is a budget traveller’s dream destination. I mean, just take a look at this lot … Related Posts Perfect Female Packing List for Australia Backpackers How to Extend Your 1 Year Working Holiday Visa in Australia How Much Does an Australian Road Trip Really Cost? This page contains affiliate […]

The 10 Clear Signs You’ve Survived an Aussie Road Trip!

10 Clear Signs You’ve Survived an Aussie Road Trip!

  10 months it was in the end. 10 months to get from Brisbane to Perth … over the top of Australia. That’s a grand total of 8000km, in case you were wondering, which is roughly the same distance as flying from Sydney to London. And let me tell you, that’s a lot of driving! […]

Top 15 Spots to Snap the Best Australian Sunsets

Top 15 Spots to Snap the Best Australian Sunsets

  If there’s one thing Australia does well, it’s sensational landscapes and never was this brought home to me more than during our 10 month road trip across the country. Ancient, awe-inspiring and let’s be honest, just downright AMAZING, the diversity and enormity of the Australian countryside takes some beating. And never is this more […]

7 Easy Ways to Get Off The Beaten Track in Australia

7 Easy Ways to Get Off The Beaten Track in Australia

  Australia really is one of the most wonderfully diverse and dazzling countries to travel in. From the deserts of its red centre to the deserted white-sand beaches of its Western coast, so much beauty in the Land Down Under is found beyond the oh-so-popular city walls of Sydney and Melbourne! Yet sadly, this is […]

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm: The Most Unique Place I’ve Stayed in Australia

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

  It may have taken us almost 6 months, but thanks to our great road trip around Australia, we’ve finally realised that the best places tend to lie at the end of the dirt track. And perhaps, you could say, the longer the dirt track, the better the prize! And so it was with Cygnet […]

10 Essential Road Safety Tips You NEED to Read Before Driving in Outback Australia

Outback Road Safety Tips

  Driving through Outback Australia is one of the most quintessential road trips you can make. Like Route 66, one of the best US road trips, journeying through rural and remote Australia will have you experiencing and exploring some incredible destinations you’d never get to see without your own set of wheels. But do be […]

6 of the Best: Highlights & Budget From Half a Year Of Our Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia

6 Month Highlights from the Road

  Hard to believe, but it’s been 6 months since we packed up our life in Noosa and began our budget 4wd trip around Australia. Well, 3 months of work and 14 weeks of travel later and we’re not even close to halfway around this big island! But it’s not all about the destination right; […]

The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 9

Landrover in the Outback

  Well and truly into the Outback now, this week heralded our arrival into the Northern Territory and over 900km of driving on unsealed, badly corrugated, red dirt roads. Everything was pretty dusty I can tell you and we’ll be pleased to hit the bitumen again soon (it’s not often we say that!) Distance Travelled: […]

9 Awesome Places to Spot the Australian Animals You’d Love to See in the Wild

Spot those Classic Australian Animals feature

  As Bill Bryson states in his fantastic book , ‘80% of all that lives in Australia, plant and animal, exists nowhere else.’ 80% is a fairly staggering percentage of uniqueness by anyone’s standards, so perhaps it goes some way to explaining why so many of us, myself included, are so intent on spotting (and […]

Are These Some of the Best Australia Beaches?

Bowen has Some of the Best Beaches in Australia

It may surprise you to know, but some of the best Australia beaches we’ve seen so far on our road trip around this country have been in the relatively small, relatively uneventful and relatively unknown town of … Bowen. I know right?! Often given a bad rap, we were totally unprepared, and thus totally bowled […]