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Perfect Andalusia Road Trip: 10 Day Itinerary

Perfect Andalusia Road Trip 10 Day Itinerary

It’s my absolute favourite part of Spain, and there’s no doubt that the most southerly region of this country – Andalusia – is a favourite for many other travellers too. But what’s the best way to take in the diversity and drama of this unique area I hear you cry! Well the answer is via […]

How Much Does An Australian Road Trip Really Cost?

How Much Does An Australian Road Trip Cost?

Well, of course, the answer to the question of how much an Australia road trip really costs, is how long is a piece of string?! Because, depending how long you travel for, where you travel to, how far you travel, what style of travel you like and what type of vehicle and set-up up you’ve […]

Want To Drive Cyprus? The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need!

Want to Drive Cyprus? Here's My Ultimate Guide

Let me be straight here. I’m an awful driver. Really awful. Or at least I think I’m awful. So maybe the point is rather that I’m not an awful driver, but that I’m a nervous driver. Because quite frankly the thought of driving anywhere, especially in a foreign country, usually makes me feel extremely nervous! […]

The Ultimate West Coast Australia Road Trip

The ULTIMATE Western Australia Road Trip

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the West Coast of Australia is my FAVOURITE part of the country to road trip and that’s a fact! There’s just something about the grandeur of it all, the vastness, the emptiness, the enormity… and the lack of people that immediately grabbed my heart and wouldn’t […]

How to Organise the Perfect Overland Africa Tour


  It’s a cliché, but it’s true – an overland Africa tour really is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. After all there’s nothing like spending a few weeks or months, staring out of the window at the wild African landscape between enjoying world-class safaris, extreme adventure opportunities and camping under epic starry […]

Ultimate Darwin to Broome Road Trip Itinerary!

The Ultimate Darwin to Broome Road Trip Itinerary!

  Come on, let’s be honest, this is probably the big daddy of them all! Yes the drive from Darwin to Broome through the jaw-dropping Kimberley region is about as awesome as road trips get I reckon and easily competes with both the drive up the red Centre from Adelaide to Darwin, as well as […]

Cairns to Darwin: Top 14 Day Road Trip Itinerary

Cairns to Darwin // Your 14 Day Road Trip Itinerary

  Throughout our whole 4wd road trip around Australia, it’s definitely the section from Cairns to Darwin that sticks out most in our minds. Forming part of the Savannah Way, this dry and desolate part of the country won’t have you bumping into lots of people. But what it lacks in terms of human population, […]

10 Unforgettable Places to Visit Along Western Australia’s Turquoise Coast

10 Unforgettable Places to Visit Along the Turquoise Coast

  Stretching largely from Dongara in the north to Perth in the south, Western Australia’s Turquoise Coast is a gorgeous stretch of Indian Ocean beauty. In fact, the famous Indian Ocean Drive stretches the whole way down it, making this area ideal for a short road trip or a weekend getaway. With so many gorgeous […]

The 10 Clear Signs You’ve Survived an Aussie Road Trip!

10 Clear Signs You’ve Survived an Aussie Road Trip!

  10 months it was in the end. 10 months to get from Brisbane to Perth … over the top of Australia. That’s a grand total of 8000km, in case you were wondering, which is roughly the same distance as flying from Sydney to London. And let me tell you, that’s a lot of driving! […]