25 Clear Signs You’re Still a Serial Budget Traveller … in your 30’s!

25 Clear Signs You’re Still a Serial Budget Traveller


Despite being 32 and no longer within the right demographic to be classed as a gap year backpacker, my budget travel background still hasn’t deserted me.

However while I may now prefer a bit more privacy than an 8 bed dorm, even if that is only sleeping in a tent, there are certain behaviours I haven’t relented on!

So, if you’re also a little older than your average backpacker, but still love an adventure on a shoestring, here are 25 clear signs you’re still a serial budget traveller too!


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#1 You’re still happy to walk miles with a heavy bag on your back rather than catch a taxi

#2 Overnight buses or trains are still your favourite mode of transport because you get a free bed

#3 You still prefer street markets to smart restaurants

#4 You’ve CV is confusing! You may have more volunteer positions on there than paid jobs

#5 You still feel confused about why people enjoy staying in swanky hotels


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#6 You hate paying for travel insurance even though you know it’s the sensible thing to do

#7 You still regularly have several flight price alerts set up at the same time

#8 You love making friends around the globe, not least because it gives you a worldwide network of free accommodation

#9 You’ve disabled data-roaming on your phone so you don’t get caught out, or better still you may have got rid of the phone all together

#10 You’ve become a jack of all trades and will still do whatever work you can to sustain the travel fund


Malaysia, Perhentian Kecil, Balcony


#11 You’ve stated a travel blog in the hope you’ll be able to travel for free one day!!

#12 You still balk at the idea of an organised tour

#13 You’re constantly trying to see how you can tie a holiday in with any other events going on in your life, such as work trips or visiting relatives

#14 You still consider anything that costs over $50 to be luxury

#15 You’re an expert money saver, in fact, you construct your life around this


Georgia, Juta Valley, Hammock


#16 You’ve been to Southeast Asia, Central America and East Africa, but never Canada, Scandinavia or Brazil

#17 You’re an expert in cramming a large amount of luggage into a carry-on sized bag to avoid extra fees

#18 You’ve slept on more airport floors than you care to remember

#19 You’ve called more places home than you care to remember

#20 You can’t remember the last time you had a rental contract



#21 You consider normal beds a luxury – tents, sofas or mattresses on the floor are your norm

#22 You’ve relented and finally got a credit card, but only for the air miles

#23 Your Couchsurfer profile is bigger than your Facebook one

#24 You often carry an unwise amount of foreign currency on your person when travelling, in order to avoid paying overseas ATM fees

#25 The offer of free wifi is what clinches your coffee location decision




So there you have it! 25 clear signs you’re still a serial budget traveller, even in your 30’s!

Can you relate?

What’s the thing do you that still shows you’re as much of a budget traveller as ever?


8 thoughts on “25 Clear Signs You’re Still a Serial Budget Traveller … in your 30’s!

  1. The Barefoot Backpacker says:

    Still true for me at nearly 42! For the most part anyway (still don’t have a credit card…)!

    My #16 – despite travelling all over the world, despite living an hour away by plane, and despite working for a company based there for the last 13 years, I only went to Germany for the first time in March! :p

    • Steph says:

      He he, that’s brilliant Barefoot Backpacker! So glad you can relate and hope you enjoyed your recent trip to Germany! Whereabouts did you go? Any good budget tips? PS. Amazing you still don’t have a credit card!

  2. lucky says:

    Travel is a very great gift from god and that is what we have learned from your blog. Thanks for such a good write up. Truly an amazing piece of writing.

  3. Exploring Curiously says:

    Oh my! I guess I am a serial budget traveler! Many…um..well…most of these apply to me. And I couldn’t be happier. I was just talking with a friend about how people fill their life to their budget – an increase in pay = an increase in lifestyle, but I don’t because it allows me more money for more travel days!

  4. Diane says:

    I’m 43 and still can relate to almost all of them and I have a family now that is being molded the same! How about becoming an independent travel agent (on top of starting a travel blog) to get the discounts while traveling. Work it at every angle!

    • Steph says:

      Love this Diane – go you and your family! I’m actually looking to running some tours in my new found favourite country of Ethiopia next year! Very exciting! Stay tuned…

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