Beware! The 10 Worst People To Meet in Your Hostel

Worst People to Meet in Your Hostel


Travelling the world and being thrust into close living quarters with strangers in a hostel is always an eye-opening experience!

There’s nothing quite like living in the same 16-bed dorm with people when it comes to seeing the best, and worst, of the human race.

After years of doing just that, I’ve got a fair bit of insight into the whole affair, so here are 10 people I believe you never want to meet in your hostel.

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#1 The Arguing Couple

Coffee Cups

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of a domestic, especially if you don’t really know the people!

Arguments between couples anywhere is pretty awkward, but when it’s essentially in your shared bedroom and there’s nowhere else for you to run and hide, it can be a real waking nightmare!


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#2 The Snorer

Georgia, Tbilisi, Wine

If I do manage to get sleep in a hostel, I generally count myself lucky … that is until I’m rudely awaken by the grunting nasal assaults of my neighbour.

Yes, snorers, I’m talking about you!

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to get back to sleep because of the loud snorts emanating from the unknown person next to you.

This is often made even worse by they fact that generally the culprits continue to snooze peacefully through the whole affair, while you lie there, plotting how to bung up their gaping mouths, whilst silently going out of your mind – ARGH!


#3 The Tag Along

Singapore, Beary Best, Rooftop View

Harsh as it may sound, the tag along is certainly one of the worst people to meet in your hostel.

Yes, we may have had a nice chat when I first put my bag down and yes, it was kind of you to ask me out a for a drink that first night, but no I do not now want to spend every waking moment of my time being near you.

The tag along is one of those sort of dear people who seem to be very keen for company, a little too keen in fact, and is perhaps, you suspect, largely incapable of doing anything by themselves.

In all reality I didn’t travel to find a best friend – I’ve already got one thanks – oh, and did I mention, I suffer from claustrophobia? … !


#4 The Thief

Laos, Luang Prabang, Utopia

People who steal stuff are certainly not the sort of people you want to meet in your hostel.

When you’re on the other side of the world, with all your worldly possessions in one bag and no padlock, they can catch you at a weak moment and certainly ruin a whole day or week, if not a whole trip.

Those who steal from others in hostels really are on the lowest rung of the ladder, it’s as simple as that.


#5 The Wannabe Chef

Cambodia, Battambang, Snails

The people who hog the kitchen preparing gourmet meals of pasta and manage to use every pot, pan, spoon and saucepan in the place, so that no one else can get a look in, really get my goat.

You are not Jamie Oliver so stop trying to get the balance in your flavours and just do you’re washing up or have some toast like the rest of us and been done with it.

Oh wait, you’re hogging the toaster too…


#6 The Hair Straighteners

Ukraine, Kiev, Statue

A tip for you ladies: if you’re coming backpacking leave the hair straighteners at home; you’re meant to be experiencing life in a different part of the world, not spending hours slapping makeup on your face and continually scorching straight your humidity-fuzzed hair.

Groups of girls with hair straighteners are notorious for taking up entire hostel bathrooms for hours on end with their huge beauty kits and screeching laughter.

They also drain all the hot water and make it impossible for anyone else to clean themselves.


#7 The Rustler

Vietnam, Dalat, Bike

Then come the rustlers. You know, those 4am early risers who have to catch a plane or a bus at some ungodly hour.

Why these people never pack their bags beforehand, but instead rummage through innumerable plastic bags in the dark for an hour, is beyond me, but they do.

The pretence of them trying to be quiet, and the ensuing rustling noise, is actually more annoying than them just switching on the light and doing it at a normal volume level.

Either pack your bags the night before people, or do it in the hallway – do not keep incessantly undoing, doing up and moving those plastic bags near my head!


#8 The Bludger

Ukraine, Kiev, Milk Bar

Bludgers are those irritating people you never want to meet in your hostel because they are yet to take care of their own financial responsibilities and see it as a perfectly acceptable solution that you should be made to instead.

Whether it be scrounging for a bit of food, a sip of your drink or drag on your smoke, the bludger is always on the ask and generally unashamedly so.

Look mate, we’re all poor here, that’s why we’re sleeping in a shoebox with 24 other people, as such I do not have the money to buy you a beer/smoke/pot noodle, go away.


#9 The Long Termer

Cyprus, Lyhnos, Couch

I know you’re like, really cool, because you’ve, like, been here for ages like, but please realise that just because you’ve been holed up in the same room for 3 months does not mean you are a better person than me.

Why not take down the constructed wall/curtain of sheets/sarongs around your dorm bed and let some new people into your conversation or your group.

Remember you were the new person once and it’s always nice to reach out and connect with someone who is new too.

Plus smiles are free and you’re not that cool.


#10 The Moaner

Lebanon, Cedars, Old Car

I know we’re all young (ish) and having fun, but I do not want to hear you having your fun in the bunk above me.

I do not want to hear moans, groans, squeaks or sighs.

I do not want the bunk rattling or lurching from side to side.

Please people, keep your loving to the shower!

So those are the 10 worst people I believe you can meet in your hostel. Are you one of them?!!! (I think I’ve possibly been all at one time or another!!!)




20 thoughts on “Beware! The 10 Worst People To Meet in Your Hostel

  1. Naomi says:

    owh #7… how I totally not understand them. Hate them, try to make something bad happen to them with my mind… Very funny round-up. Funny because it’s true!

  2. Liz says:

    This is so funny! 🙂 I’ve never stayed at a hostel before but this gives me a pretty good visual. 😛 I was actually just expecting #10 when I started reading, haha. Oh, but the 6! I’ve traveled with friends who are a bunch of 6’s and it’s really annoying! I’m an early riser and love getting a head start so I can take photos in just the right early morning light and before people start blocking the view and it’s really a pain to travel with 6’s because all I do is wait for them to be done with their hair and face. Nobody cares about your OOTD!!! Haha. 🙂

  3. Anna Bandrabur says:

    Of the 10, I agree thieves are the lowest. Moochers are annoying, but at least they ask for your money or stuff. They give you the chance to say no. Thieves deprive you of what you own without asking. I hate that.

  4. Mateo says:

    I’m guilty of number 5 but only because I have to buy a package that will serve more than myself usually and don’t want to carry around extra food so I cook what I have and try to share with everyone around. Makes for a great icebreaker and who doesn’t love free food.

  5. Tom says:

    Great list, made me laugh and I can relate to absolutely all of these haha. From my own experiences, you missed one that I would call the nutcase! I always seem to end up in a room with a crazy person every now and again!

  6. Michael Lyons says:

    Haha these are so true! I think 3 and 9 kind of contradict each other though, no? I get the point though. Good article!

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