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The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 5

Mother Rock, Bowen

This week was the week of job hunting and amazing opportunities! Distance Travelled: 292km Spot of the Week: Horseshoe Bay, Bowen – a stunning little cove of golden sand, wedged between large boulders and the perfect blue ocean. As we kept saying to each other, “Who knew Bowen was so nice?!” Free Camp of the […]

The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 4

Palm Trees Airlie

This week seemed a bit disjointed, as we hadn’t really planned too much and the rain seemed to mess us around whenever we did! We only stayed one night in Cape Hillsborough National Park, in the interest of saving money, but wished we has spent more time there, especially when we got to Airlie Bach, […]

The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 3

Broken River Bush Camp, Eungella

This week we continued north through Queensland with the end target being the city of Mackay. The weather wasn’t great this week – so we suffered from a few soggy tent mornings! Luckily we stayed dry inside, but having to wait for the rain to burn off the outside meant we were often slow at […]

The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 2

Agnes Beach Walk

This week we continued up through Queensland – getting to the gorgeous Agnes Water. We ended with a bit of luxury – staying in a friend’s house (I know, 4 walls!) in Yeppoon. Spot of the Week: Agnes Water, Queensland Free Camp of the Week: Lawgi Hall, Thangool, QLD (wonderful donation-based showers, toilets and a […]

Why I Was Wrong About Packing Cubes

Why I was Wrong About Packing Cubes

  Ok, I admit it, I was wrong! I was wrong about . I thought they were a waste of time, a waste of money, a senseless travel accessory. I almost provided myself on traveling without them when it seemed that everyone was being converted, but now I have to admit defeat. More than admit […]

The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 1

Australia, Queensland, Carnarvon Gorge First Light

Our first week of our adventure was fun, slow going, but fun – it was so great to finally hit the road. We left behind our home on the idyllic Sunshine Coast and set sail for some exploring in Central Queensland. The day before our departure was spent with good friends in Kin Kin (in […]

Picking Your Travel Buddy: 7 Key Criteria

Picking your Travel Buddy

  No pressure, but picking a travel buddy is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when you decide to go adventuring around the world! Few things will impact the success or enjoyment of your trip in quite the same way, so selecting a suitable travel partner really is crucial to having the best time […]

On the Precipice: Starting Another Long Trip

Starting Another Long Trip

      So here I am again On the precipice, starting another long trip A one way ticket in my hand (metaphorically) And nowhere to call home. It’s a funny feeling. The one I always get before any indefinite trip away; a strange mix of apprehension and being lost. Bewildering I know. People always […]

Beware! The 10 Worst People To Meet in Your Hostel

Worst People to Meet in Your Hostel

  Travelling the world and being thrust into close living quarters with strangers in a hostel is always an eye-opening experience! There’s nothing quite like living in the same 16-bed dorm with people when it comes to seeing the best, and worst, of the human race. After years of doing just that, I’ve got a […]

On the Road Again! Our Indefinite Budget 4WD Trip Round Australia

On the Road Again!

So there’s been a lot of planning going on recently in the Big World Small Pockets camp. A lot of secret planning I might add! Yes, for many months now, behind the scenes, we’ve been working, saving and preparing like crazy … and no one has known! Ever since October last year in fact, we’ve been silently […]