10 Best Travel Hacks for Packing

Best Travel Hacks for Packing


We all love to travel, but packing for the big adventure can often be a daunting task!

Whether it be on a lengthy backpacking trip, or on a long-awaited weekend road trip, I’ve found some of the best travel hacks for packing to help make the experience more comfortable, enjoyable and stress-free.

Here’s my top 10 favourite…

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#1 Get Some Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes 3

Get your hands on some packing cubes.

These genius inventions are seriously worth their weight in gold and will beautifully compress down your clothes to help you get more into your travel bag.

After much scepticism, I’m now a sold-up member of the packing cube fan club!

You can read about why here or get your hands on some top packing cubes here.


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#2 Keep A Day’s Clothes in Carry On

I’ve got some great tips when it comes to packing your carry-on luggage, but probably my favourite is to keep a day’s worth of clothes with you.

That way, if your luggage doesn’t reach your destination at the same time as you do, you can still freshen up and start your holiday without feeling yucky!


#3 Utilise Bulldog Clips

Another one of my best travel hacks for packing is to get your hands on a couple of bulldog clips.

One of these can easily be used to protect your razor before packing it into a toiletry bag.

This will stop any unnecessary accidents.

You can also wind your earphones around another bulldog clip for no-tangle storage in your carry-on.



#4 Get a Pill Container for Jewellery

A pill container is a great way to store small jewellery.

I love this trick for rings and earrings especially.

Plus, with my OCD it means I can colour coordinate easily during the packing phase!


#5 Thread Necklaces Through Straws

Another one of the best travel hacks for packing when it comes to jewellery is to thread your necklaces through straws.

This is a great way to store them instead of just throwing them all into a small bag (my old trick!)

Straws stop your necklaces getting tangled and means they will survive the packing test in one piece!


#6 Stuff Socks and Shoes


When it comes to other fragile items, I suggest inserting any breakables into socks and then popping these into your shoes.

Then make sure you place your shoes into the dead centre of your luggage so the surrounding clothes absorb any impact.

I’ve never had anything break this way.


#7 Make Use of a Shower Cap

Another great travel hack involving shoes is to use a shower cap to cover the soles.

This is perfect when you are packing your shoes amongst your clothes, especially if you’ve been out walking or at the beach.

That’s because a shower cap stops all those nasty bits of sand and dirt getting into your clothes, meaning your luggage stays clean for your arrival.

If you haven’t got a shower cap, then a plastic bag will do the job too!


#8 Go for the Roll!


When it comes to the best travel hacks for packing your clothes, then I strongly suggest rolling, instead of folding, your clothes.

This will minimise wrinkles and stop your clothes looking like they need a good iron!

This is an absolute backpacker favourite of mine, because it’s a great space-saving tip as well.


#9 Wrap Shirts Around Belts

But what if you’re going on a business trip or travelling to a wedding?

You can’t very well roll up your shirts can you?

No problem – roll up your belt and insert it into the collar to keep them stiff and upright.

For dresses, rolling them around something solid, is also a good trick.


#10 Keep it Fresh!

Place a dryer sheet in your bag to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

For your dirty laundry bag, slip in a hotel bar soap to keep any odours in check while you travel.

I also like to travel with some lavender essential oill as this is a great odour remover too.




What are your best travel hacks for packing?


12 thoughts on “10 Best Travel Hacks for Packing

    • Steph says:

      Glad you might find them useful Priya! Yes, I am a terrible packer too and even though I’m committed to journeying light, it always takes me about 6 repacks and several hours to get there! Tips like these help though, especially if you’re looking to conserve space!

  1. Anthony & Claire says:

    Some great tips – we prefer to fold rather than roll our clothes as we find these work better with our eBag packing cubes. Help us to keep our stuff organised and avoid emptying the bag completely for that overnight stop.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks guys, I’ve been hearing more and more about these packing cubes and how great they are. Will have to check them out, so thanks for reminding me!

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