What to Wear in (and Pack for) the Falkland Islands

What to Wear in the Falkland Islands

With no one I know ever having been to the Falkland Islands before, to say it was a little hard to know what to pack and wear for my trip there was probably an understatement!

Having done a little research however, I did understand that, despite it being summer during my visit, the average temperature would still only be about 9 degrees celsuis, the wind would be pretty wild and the sun might be out and be out strong too… Quite the combination it turns out!

But happy to say I’ve now spent over a week in the Falkland Islands and can definitely bring you the full lowdown on what to wear during your travels here and what to pack too.

Stay read on to learn everything you need to know about getting ready to travel these islands…

Falklands, Hill Cove, Me with Coastal View


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#1 Base Layers

Falklands, Volunteer Point, Me in 4WD

The key to surviving a trip to the Falklands is all about wearing layers!

Especially base layers.

Layers of clothing help trap warm air and this is ultimately what keeps you warm.

When I was in the Falklands, I wore 1 base layer set of leggings underneath trousers, and 1 long sleeved base layer top underneath a jumper.

I also layered up with a thin windproof jacket over a down jacket on especially windy days.

After all, you can always take layers off, but you can’t put more on if you don’t have them!

Layers are also key because Falkland houses tend to be very warm, so you’ll definitely want to take off at least a couple of outer layers as soon as you get inside anywhere!


#2 Choose the Right Fabrics

Falklands, Stanley, Me on Main Street

But what to layer with?

Well the answer for me is good fabrics!

And when I say good, I mean natural, high quality or purpose-designed materials that are specifically adept at insulating you in cold and windy weather.

Lambswool is a good option – it can keep you really warm, although it can be a bit scratchy.

A step up is merino, which is also a type of wool – very soft and thin and not scratchy at all, it makes for excellent layering.

I love the merino clothing produced by Green Rose.

Made in Lithuania, this family business produce all their clothes onsite in Vilnius and they are wonderfully soft, warm and cosy.

I’ve got merino base layers from them that I loved wearing in the Falklands!

Modern thermal clothes are also offered by many brands these days – these are manmade alternatives that can be excellent at keeping you warm.

They also tend to be cost-effective, although they don’t last as long as natural fibres and can get smelly quicker.

For a more budget approach compared to merino, the HEATTECH range from UNIQLO is excellent and I’ve used their products as base layers in the Falklands too.

In all likelihood, a mix of all the above will help you balance warmth with costs.

Warm clothing is bulky, but wool merino, and thermal gear tends to be lightweight.

This means you may need a big suitcase to go to the Falklands, but it probably won’t be that heavy.

What you do want to avoid however, are synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

These are not designed to keep you warm and 2-3 layers of these cheaper fabrics will likely be less effective at keeping you warm than 1 layer of good material clothing.


#3 Gloves, Hats & Buffs

Falklands, Pebble Island, Me with Cormorants

Another nifty clothing item I was certainly glad I packed for Falkland were buffs.

These are essentially little scarfs that completely cover your neck and don’t slip down or unravel.

Popular in winter sports like skiing, buffs are really just one loop of material that, after your slip over your head, stay tight around your neck – keeping you nice and warm. 

Along with buffs, I also recommend packing woolly hats for the Falklands (I love my merino ones) as well as gloves or hand warmer fingerless gloves, which are great if you need to use your phone at the same time!


#4 Appropriate Footwear

Falklands, Stanley, Me with Welcome Sign

When it comes to shoes, you really want to think carefully about footwear when planning your Falkland travels.

Thick boots are a must and I recommend ones that are waterproof and come up to your ankle too – providing extra warmth and stability.

Hiking boots like these North Face Hedgehogs I have are a great option, especially when out wildlife spotting on the islands, thanks to their waterproof credentials and good grip.

I also wore my sheep-skin lined Doc Martens in Stanley and they were brilliant for walking around the town in the day or the evening.

Given the weather, you’ll quickly learn that Falklanders strip off many layers as soon as they enter their homes – footwear included!

This is actually very sensible, as it helps keep all the wet muddy gear in one place near the front door!

Bringing some indoor slippers / shoes, or thick socks you can wear without your shoes indoors, is therefore a great option to pack for the Falklands.


#5 Don’t Forget Sunglasses and SPF

Falklands, Sea Lion Island, Me on Beach

But along with the cold weather gear, have to remember it can be really sunny during the Falklands summer!

As such, you’ll likely want to protect your face and eyes from those UV rays, which become super bright when bouncing off all the white sand.

The strong wind conditions can also increase the effects of the sun on your skin.

UV-protected sunglasses and a good 30+ SPF sunscreen are therefore great items for your Falkland travel packing list.

I’d also advise bringing a good moisturiser you can use on your hands, body and face, because your skin takes a real beating from the cold and often windy air here trust me!

And don’t forget a good protective lip balm, like Blistex – as the strong Falkland winds can really damage your lips here too!


#6 Jackets!

Falklands, Sunset, Me in Hooded Jacket

And finally when it comes to what to wear in the Falklands, you want to thing about jackets and coats.

I took a number of different options to the Falklands and even though it was summer there, I wore them all!

First up, I travelled with a short down jacket, that I wore on the islands most days to keep warm.

On really windy days, or in the cold evenings, I’d also wear a thin, windproof jacket over the top of this, which would help protect me when standing still to snap and watch wildlife.

And finally, I also took a long ankle-length down coat – this was great on travel days and for my time in an around Stanley as it kept my legs warm and protected too.


#7 Invest in a Portable Charger

Falklands, Sea Lion Island, Me on Beach with Camera

And now we move on to the practical items to pack for the Falkland Islands.

It might sound like a strange one, but you’ll be amazed how handy it is to have a spare charge for your phone when you’re out and about snapping all day.

As such, I highly recommend investing in a portable charger, so that you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere.

My go-to brand here is Anker and I actually have 2 of their portable chargers for my adventures – one that comes out with me during the day, and the other that is charging at home, so it’s ready to swap over.

For my mirrorless Sony A6000 camera, I also have a spare battery, so that I can swap this around and keep snapping.

This came in very handy for my travels to the Falklands as you really don’t want to miss that amazing wildlife shot simply because you’re out of battery.


#8 Good Backpack

Falklands, Sea Lion Island, Me Outside Lodge

And another great item for your days out in the Falklands is a good backpack.

With all that layering on and off, along with all the sunscreen, snacks, water and portable chargers you need to carry, it really is a good idea to have a quality daypack with you when travelling here.

A good backpack is also handy for overnight trips to islands, where you’re restricted to 14kg of luggage on the flight.

Make sure the daypack you take is waterproof and also that it folds down easily so it doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase.

I highly recommend this Kompressor from Marmot, which I find works really well for travel!


#9 Long Haul Flying Essentials

Falklands, Flight, Water-to-Go Bottle

And finally, don’t forget, your journey to the Falkland Islands is likely to be a long one!

As such, ensuring you are prepared for some serious flight and airport hours is key.

For long haul flights – no matter whether you are flying to the Falklands from Brize Norton or from Santiago – you’ll want to ensure you wear compression socks to reduce the risk of DVT.

I also never fly without a good travel pillow (high sided ones are the best), ear plugs and an eye mask.

Comfy outer socks and an additional blanket, or large travel shawl, can also help keep you cosy and comfy onboard.

And don’t forget a Water-to-Go bottle.

The inbuilt filter in these bottles allows you to drink the tap water anywhere in the world – including airports – safely.

I also found this bottle very useful in the Falklands where, despite the tap water being potable, it can taste a bit peaty.

My Water-to-Go bottle helped remove this taste and slight discolouration, making hydrating a lot easier and more enjoyable!.


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Complete Packing List for the Falklands

Falklands, Hill Cove, Suitcase

So now we come to my complete Falkland packing list – a full breakdown of all the items you should bring!

Geared towards keeping warm and dry, even if you’re visiting in the summer, this list might sound overboard, but trust me you will need it!

The length of your stay in the Falklands will dictate the amount of each item that you need, but here’s a checklist of all the gear you should consider as baseline.

Also, as an aside, it’s worth pointing out you don’t get very sweaty in the Falklands, so generally speaking you can wear any base and outer layers for more than one day.

Here goes…


Clothes & Shoes

Singlets / T-Shirts – First layer over your underwear.

Thermal /Merino Tops – Long-sleeved base layers to wear over your singlet / t-shirt. I opted for 1 base layer each day.

Woollen Jumpers / Thermal Fleeces – Layer over your base layers so ensure these are larger / looser.

Insulated Puffer or Down Jacket – An absolute must… I even wore mine everyday.

Thin Windproof Jacket – Layer over the down jacket on especially windy day or evenings.


Merino / Thermal Leggings – I opted for a long-legged legging base layer each day.

Hiking / Active Trousers – Hiking trousers or other sporty / active trousers a great shout to wear in the Falklands. As always, I go for neutral tones that won’t show up the dirt so much!

Jeans – Perfect for in and around Stanley, you may prefer jeans or casual trousers. 


Scarves / Buffs – Go for wool or merino options for warmth.

Wool / Thermal Hats – I had 2 for 1 week!

Wool / Thermal Gloves – I wore a pair everyday.

Woollen / Thermal / Merino Socks – I loved my thick wool ones as they were so cosy inside my boots and for wearing indoors without shoes too!




Indoor Shoes or Slippers

Hiking Boots

Other Boots for Sightseeing



Thin Toiletries Bag with Hook

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Anti-Bacterial Soap


Face Cleanser, Toner, Serum & Moisturiser

30 SPF Sunscreen

Lip Salve

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss

Razor & Spare Blades

Nail Scissors & Nail File

Tweezers & Safety Pins

Cotton Buds / Pads

Hair Bands & Hair Brush



Smartphone & Bluetooth Headphones

Portable Chargers

Mirrorless Camera & GoPro

Zoom Lens & Prime Lens

Spare Camera Battery, Cleaning Kit, Memory Card & Charger

British Adapter

Headlamp & Spare Batteries


Other Things!

Glasses / Contact Lenses if you wear them

Sunglasses with UV Protection

Travel Pillow & Compression Socks

Eye Mask & Earplugs

Day Pack

Water-to-Go Bottle

Travel Insurance


Credit Card and Debit Card

British Pounds Cash




So there it is, my complete checklist for what to pack for your amazing trip to the Falkland Islands.

Any questions about it, please just drop them into the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

Any suggestion to add? I’d love to hear those too!


My trip to the Falklands was sponsored by Falkland Island Tourism but, as always, all views are my own.

This page contains affiliate links meaning Big World Small Pockets may receive a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you.


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