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What to Wear in Jordan: Complete Female Packing List

What to Wear in Jordan

Enter the dry, dusty country of Jordan… Wait, I’m starting again, because that does not sound very appealing! Enter the amazing country of Jordan (it honestly is)… home to one of the seven wonders of the world, one heck of a captivating desert, the saltiest sea in the world and an enormous collection of ancient […]

Perfect South East Asia Packing List

The Perfect South East Asia Packing List

It’s a classic isn’t it? The good old South East Asia route is perhaps the most worn of all the backpacker trails. But that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile. Oh no! Because if you’re travelling for the first, or perhaps travelling alone for this first time, then this part of the world can be […]

Ultimate South America Packing List for Backpackers

The Ultimate Backpacking South America Packing List

  The best thing about travelling in South America is that fact that it’s one heck of a diverse continent. And one of the worst about travelling in South America is that it’s one heck of a diverse continent. That’s because packing for such a broad range of climates, altitudes, terrains and activities can be […]

Ultimate Packing List for Africa

Female Packing List for Africa

Heading off on an African adventure soon? Then here’s the ultimate packing list for your time in this continent – actually the most amazing continent to travel in my opinion! Lands of epic wildlife, stunning coastline, insane historical sights and rich, vibrant culture await you here and, from the souks of Morocco and the pyramids […]

Ideal Female Packing List for Central America

The Ultimate Female Packing List for Central America

From the ocean oasis to the cloud forest, the colonial towns to the volcano treks, Central America’s diversity is both startling and splendid, especially given the small size of this landmass and the number of countries within it. And from scorching summers to rainy winters, sunny beaches to cold high altitudes, the climate here is […]

The Ultimate Lebanon Packing List

The Ultimate Lebanon Packing List

  For a tiny country, Lebanon spans an incredible range of worlds; from the hipster bars and cafes of Beirut to the conservative and remote areas of its borders, it crams a lot in. There’s also a wide range of climates this country packs in too – from the snowy mountains to the beaches of […]

Complete Packing List for Eastern Europe

Complete Eastern Europe Packing List

Despite occupying a relatively small geographic area, Eastern Europe covers a surprising number of countries, terrains and topographies. From the soaring peaks of Slovakia to the beaches of Croatia, the lakes of Bulgaria to the ancient cities of the Albanua – this part of the world packs a mean punch when it comes to diversity […]

11 Things You Should NEVER Travel to the Middle East Without

11 Things You Should Never Travel to The Middle East Without

Packing for the Middle East can be something of a nightmare, especially if you’ve never ventured there before. I mean really, what on earth do you pack for a part of the globe that includes deeply religious and conservative countries, along with red sea beach resorts and hipster trendy cities? It’s a complete mind boggle, […]

The Only Ethiopia Packing List You’ll Ever Need!

The Only Ethiopia Packing List

Oh Ethiopia! The land of mystery, magic and madness had me under its spell from the first day I arrived and now, planning my 3rd trip there, it still hasn’t let me go! This country is so totally unique, that I assure you, you will never experience another place like it. Not like the countries […]

Ultimate Safari Gear Packing List

Complete Safari Gear Packing List

If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed about what the heck you should put on your safari gear list! There’s just so much to think about and so much conflicting information, it’s hard to wade through it all to get to the real essentials. After all, most of us who […]