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What to Wear in Jordan: Complete Female Packing List

What to Wear in Jordan

Enter the dry, dusty country of Jordan… Wait, I’m starting again, because that does not sound very appealing! Enter the amazing country of Jordan (it honestly is)… home to one of the seven wonders of the world, one heck of a captivating desert, the saltiest sea in the world and an enormous collection of ancient […]

How to Travel from Amman to Jerusalem: Everything to Know About Crossing this Border

Crossing the Border Between Amman and Jerusalem

Did you know there’s a way you can cross from Jordan to Israel and back without getting your passport stamped by either country? Did you know there’s a way you can get from Amman to Jerusalem in just a few hours? Well if the answer to either of these questions is “no”, or “yes, but […]

21 Things to Know Before You Travel Jordan

21 Things to Know Before you Travel Jordan

If you’ve never travelled in the Middle East before, then let me tell you, Jordan is the perfect introduction. Small, safe and stable, with amazing food, some incredible historical sites and very welcoming locals, Jordan is the perfect first foray into adventuring this part of the world. I actually spent almost 3 weeks in the […]

Ultimate Jordan Itinerary: 7, 10 & 14 Day Trips

Top 3 Jordan Itineraries

Without question, Jordan is one of the safest, most stable and most delightful Middle Eastern countries to visit. And for this reason, it’s an absolutely ideal country for first-time or solo travellers in the region. From sensational ruins to incredible desertscapes, the famous ancient city of Petra to the amazing float-friendly Dead Sea, along with […]

13 Epic Things to Do in Amman, Jordan

Top 13 Things to Do in Amman, Jordan

  Amman in Jordan is possibly the most chilled capital I’ve ever been in! Arriving here from Cairo, I could scarcely believe it when I woke up to find myself in the most, relaxed, stress-free and quiet of cities, where life rarely even seems to stir before 10am! But once it does get going, there’s […]

Top Tips for Visiting Petra for Less

Tips for Visiting Petra for Less, Jordan

One of the 7 new wonders of the world, Petra is, quite simply, an amazing, must-see travel spot. A veritable bucket list item in fact! If you weren’t already inspired, no doubt Instagram has had you marvelling at pictures of this sensational ancient city, buried deep in the desert and known about only by the […]