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Ultimate Cambodia Packing List: Item by Item!

The Complete Cambodia Travel Packing List

Heading to see the treasure of Angkor Wat, some stunning tropical islands and some beautiful french colonial towns? Then here’s your complete Cambodia packing list! From soaring temples to some of the friendliest people, Cambodia really is a travel treat and one that few people, especially budget travellers, can refuse! Plus, easy border crossings from […]

What to Wear for Travel in Tanzania: Complete Packing List

Ultimate Tanzania Packing List

The land of the vast Serengeti, the great Kilimanjaro and the beautiful island of Zanzibar, Tanzania really does seem to have it all! From the continent’s highest mountain to one of its most popular safari destinations and some of Africa’s most beautiful beaches, it’s no surprise more and more of us are travelling to this […]

What to Pack for Kenya: Ultimate Item by Item List

Complete Travel Packing List for Kenya

Packing a huge punch with the azure blue Indian ocean lapping at its feet and some seriously wild and tropical landscapes beyond, Kenya not only boasts some of the best safari opportunities in the world, but also some of the best beaches on the planet too! Rich in both marine and wildlife, there’s also huge […]

25 Travelling Essentials for Women

25 Travelling Essentials for Women

Having enjoyed a pretty good slice of the solo female travel experience (let’s just say it’s been a few years!), I think it’s probably fair to conclude I’ve now got my packing down to a fine art! After all, if you’ve got to carry all your own gear (which includes a mini-office set-up) and you’re […]

Ultimate Costa Rica Packing List: Item by Item Guide

The Ultimate Costa Rica Packing List

An absolute gem of a nation, Costa Rica in Central America ticks many a traveller box! From incredible wildlife to stunning landscapes, amazing diving to brilliant hiking, this is a small country that packs a heck of a lot in. In fact, it’s one of the most eco-diverse places in the world! So if outdoors, […]

Only Argentina Packing List You Need!

The Only Packing List for Argentina You'll Ever Need!

What can I say, Argentina is surely the country with it all! From desert to mountains, vibrant cities to remote outposts, this huge South American nation bottles almost everything that’s best about this continent and rolls it all altogether into one delicious mate-infused fiesta! And if you think this sounds like too much hyperbole, then […]

What to Wear in Morocco: Complete Packing List

What to Wear in Morocco - The Complete Packing List Guide

I’m sorry to inform you, but packing for Morocco is about as tough as it gets! Yup having everything you need for this hugely diverse North African nation can be a real suitcase struggle if you’re planning to do and see as much there as I did! Because from hiking in high altitude (and possibly […]

Ultimate Peru Packing List: Tried & Tested!

The Ultimate Peru Packing List - Tried & Tested!

Oh Peru, the land of magic, mysticism, mountains and Machu Picchu! And that’s not forgetting Peru as the land of the Amazon jungle, the Pacific coast, the Arequipa Desert, Lake Titicaca, the Inca heartland, some amazing colonial cities and a ton of epic foodie fun – all of which just didn’t quite fit into the […]