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Reflections on my Mirror House Stay in Estonia

My Stay in an Estonian Mirror House

Sometimes you’ve got to stand back from something to get the best perspective on it. Close up, the impression just isn’t clear enough. So standing in the Estonian forest, some distance back, the gorgeous scene of the low impact mirror houses, dotted among the pine trees, really did set the scene for a fantastic getaway. […]

Only Packing List for Estonia You Need!

Complete Packing List for Estonia

If you’re heading to the beautiful Baltic country of Estonia, then this is the only packing list you’ll need! No matter whether you’re planning to travel there in summer to enjoy long sightseeing days under the warm sun, or opting for a festive trip full of Christmas markets and steaming saunas, this article has you […]

Organic, Radical, Ethical: How the Bull Inn in Totnes Charges Ahead!

Organic, Radical, Ethical How the Bull Inn in Totnes Charges Ahead!

It’s one heck of a tough bill (or should I say bull?) to live up to isn’t it? After all, the words organic, radical and ethical are not served or consumed lightly these days. With more and more of us keen to ask questions about where our travel products, food and services come from, as […]

Perfectly Perched in the Algarve: Pine Cliffs Resort Reviewed

Pine Cliffs Resort, Algarve Portugal

It’s not often I feel at home in a 5* all-inclusive resort! Not that I did stay on an all-inclusive basis at the Pine Cliffs Resort in the Algarve, but the point is, that you I could have. For this is certainly the sort of place that offers it. Along with yoga retreats, wellness centre, […]

My Super Surprise: The Sparkle of Sri Lanka!

My Sri Lanka Surprise

Controversially south Asia was not a region I’d fallen in love with travel-wise. With its great beaches, epic cultural attractions and rich culinary traditions, I’d enjoyed my travels across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and beyond, but this wasn’t a region that had really grabbed my heart like South America or southern Africa. […]

Dreaming of an Autumn Escape? Don’t Overlook the Amazing Algarve!

Autumn Trip in the Amazing Algarve

Sat in the late afternoon sun, below ancient olive trees, sipping a delicious glass of white produced in the very vineyards surrounding me, I had to punch myself that I really was in the Algarve. After all, my impression of Portugal’s southern region had been something a little different form this. One of the UK’s […]

How to Travel to the Algarve: Airports, Flights + Packages

How to Travel to the Algarve Airports, Flights + Packages

Located in the south of Portugal, there’s just one international airport in the Algarve, which is located just outside the city of Faro. Modern, large and well organised, the Algarve’s main airport is easy to fly to from across Europe, with regular direct routes from a huge range of different cities. From London, for example, […]