Montenegro Travel Guide: Key Things to Know Before Visiting

Montenegro Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a fab European summer getaway, but worried that your budget won’t stretch to Greece or Croatia, then can I introduce you to Montenegro!

As this complete travel guide will quickly reveal, Montenegro is one of my top travel dupes.

I first visited this tiny, terrific Balkan country in 2018 and quickly fell in love with its dreamy Adriatic views, stunning national parks and incredible food and wine.

Filled with wild mountainous areas and striking coastal views, not to mention top historical sites and a Mediterranean climate that lends itself to outdoor days and alfresco dining, it will come as no surprise that Montenegro quickly charmed its way into my heart.

So when I got the opportunity to return this year, I couldn’t have been more excited!

In under 3 hours, via a direct flight from London, I could be sunning myself in Kotor, wine tasting in Podgorica or hiking in Durmitor National Park?

Yes please!

With my suitcase hastily packed, and sunglasses at the ready, the only other thing I had to consider was my data allowance and making sure I could stay connected in Montenegro – well this was a work trip after all!

Located outside the EU, a hasty search revealed that unfortunately my current data roaming plan would not extend to Montenegro, so I knew I had to purchase an eSIM policy pronto.

Thankfully Holafly quickly came to the rescue and with my phone connection for my trip secured and passport in hand, I was ready to go!

And what a trip it was!

7 amazing days in perfect weather meant Montenegro shot even higher up my travel hotspot list.

So here, to fill you in on everything you need to know ahead of your trip, is my complete Montenegro travel guide, packed full of the essential info for your upcoming visit…

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Best Places to Visit in Montenegro?

Montenegro, Bay of Kotor, Perast

The first thing to think about when planning your trip to Montenegro is of course, where to head for.

Thankfully, as small country of only 600,000 people, Montenegro is pretty easy to get around, meaning that in only a short time you can cover quite a lot of ground here.

Whether you want to base yourself in one location and then day trip from there (which is totally possible), or move around the country, spending a few nights in various destinations, the choice is yours.

To give you some of idea of the best places to visit, I’ve compiled the below list as a shorthand travel guide to Montenegro’s main attractions…


Cultural & Historical Sights to Visit

  • Capital Podgorica for museum, galleries & wine tasting
  • Former capital Cetinje for UNESCO-listed monuments & street café scenes


Coastal Gems to Discover

  • Kotor Old Town for cobbled streets, historic city walls & fortress climbs
  • Budva for historic town charm, citadel views and pebbly beaches
  • Sveti Stefan for beaches, parks and island views
  • Porto Montenegro for marina lunches in luxury surrounds
  • Perast for cute coastal village feels and laidback charm
  • Our Lady of the Rocks for boat tours and sightseeing ticks
  • Herceg Novi for Mount Orjen views, mineral springs, mud spas & wellness


Nature & Outdoor Activities

  • Lake Skadar National Park for amazing bird watching, wild orchids & kayaking
  • Durmitor National Park for epic hiking via the Black Lake & forest trails
  • Tara Canyon for ziplining the deepest ravine in Europe
  • Lovćen National Park for flora & mountain views inc 1749m high Black Mountain


How to Travel to Montenegro?

Montenegro, Flying to Podgorica, Wizz Air

There are numerous way to travel to the increasingly popular destination of Montenegro, so let’s get stuck in…



This country boasts 2 international airports, one in the capital Podgorica and one in the Bay of Kotor at Tivat.

If you only plan to spend time at the coast, it’s probably best to fly direct to Tivat.

With many flights routes from numerous European cities, especially in the summer months, this is a convenient spot to arrive for Budva, Bar and Kotor Old Town.

easyJet fly direct from London to Tivat.

Alternatively, you can also fly direct into Podgorica from many European cities including London.

I flew with Wizz Air from London Gatwick to Podgorica direct in under 3 hours.

Because the flight departed very early in the morning, I treated myself to a Wizz Priority Pass and couldn’t have been happening with the priority check in, luggage allowances, boarding and seat features it afforded me.

As always, I use Skyscanner to get the best flight prices.



You can also travel down the Adriatic coast from Croatia to Montenegro, as well as between Albania and Montenegro very easily.

The quickest towns to transit between are Dubrovnik in Croatia and Herceg Novi in Montenegro.

Even with the border crossing, this journey usually won’t take you more than 2.5hrs (traffic dependent).

I made this crossing on my first trip to Montenegro and found it incredibly easy.

From Herceg Novi you can then continue down to Kotor or Tivat.

Otherwise, if these spots are your final destination, you can also get buses direct to both of them from Dubrovnik and skip Herceg Novi altogether.

Likewise, you can easily travel up from Tirana in Albania to Kotor in a couple of hours.

As always I use Flixbus to book great value coach travel across Europe.



You can also use the train to get to Bar in Montenegro from Belgrade in Serbia.

While not the quickest method, this is a quirky and fun way to travel across part of former Yugoslavia, so definitely one for the experience bucket list!

Learn more here.


Best Time to Visit Montenegro

Montenegro, Budva, Beach

In my opinion, the best time to visit Montenegro is definitely during the warmer seasons of spring, summer and autumn.

Out of these, the shoulder seasons of May and September are the top months to visit.

Between November and March, days are cool and can be wet and windy, so I’d avoid visiting then.


Spring: April – May

My most recent trip to Montenegro was in April – during spring time – and I got amazing weather including 25 degree days and blue sky for an entire week.

The country was very green too and while the sea was a little fresh, taking a quick dip was still possible for the brave!

Hiking in the national parks is ideal in spring thanks to the verdant landscapes and abundance of wildflowers, including wild orchids.

Spring in Montenegro can bring showers and cooler evenings however, so do pack a jumpers and waterproofs, as well as a jacket for the evening if you plan to visit at this time.


Summer: June – August

The summer in Montenegro extends from June through August and while these months usually bring the warmest weather, it’s also the country’s peak season, meaning large crowds and top prices.

The weather can also get really hot everywhere accept the mountains – think 40 degrees Celsius+ – so if you’re not a fan of the heat or busy streets, I’d probably avoid the summer in Montenegro, especially during the school holidays in July and August.

Kotor Old Town especially would be packed during this high season, not least thanks to the cruise ships who dock at the port here almost daily in the summer.


Autumn: September – November

After August, things begin to quiet down again and autumn is a great time to visit Montenegro, especially during September, when the weather is still good, but the crowds have dissipated and accommodation prices lowered.

After the summer, the landscape is unlikely to be as green as during the spring, but the sea temperature will still be warm and fab for swimming.

Autumn is a great time for those who mainly want to visit the coast in Montenegro.




Ideal Montenegro Itinerary: 7 Days

Montenegro, Podgorica, Spring

Day 1: Stroll the capital city of Podgorica and then head for wine tasting at Plantaze 13 July

Day 2: Skadar Lake birdwatching and kayaking, followed by people watching in UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cetinje

Day 3: Travel to the coast and relax!

Day 4: Boat trip to Our Lady of the Rock & UNESCO-listed village of Perast

Day 5: Discover historic Kotor Old Town, Kotor Ladder & bouji Porto Montenegro

Day 6: Explore coastal Budva, including its citadel & great little museum

Day 7: Head to Durmitor National Park & Tara River Canyon for hiking and other outdoor adventures


How to Get Around Montenegro?

Montenegro, Kotor Old Town, Saint Tryphon Cathedral

As I mentioned earlier, it’s super easy to get around Montenegro, mostly because it’s a small country.

Generally the road network is easy to navigate and in good condition.

The main issue across Montenegro, especially in the busy summer season however, is traffic.

If you’re heading to the Bay of Kotor especially, be prepared for long queues, as too many cars try to navigate the thin rounds that wind around the bay… you have been warned!



It’s easy to get buses between almost any town in Montenegro as the network is extremely good and most journeys are short.

From Podgorica to Kotor for example it takes just 2 hours by bus and costs under 10€.

I recommend checking timetables and booking bus travel in advance for Montenegro via Bookaway.

Learn more in this post I wrote.

You can also use the excellent Blue Line network to travel around the Bay of Kotor itself.

Stopping anywhere, all you need to do is simply flag down the bus and hop onboard.

Tickets cost a flat 2.5€ and can be purchased from the driver.

This bus runs on a loop once an hour.


Private Transfer

Ideal for more natural destinations, such as the country’s largest lake, Skadar Lake, you may need to take a private transfer to certain parts of Montenegro.

Costs start at around 40€ per hour.

Milos is a great driver that I used when I was in this country.

He’s based in Podgorica and can be contacted via Whatsapp on +382 67 040 808 – just say Steph the blogger sent you!


Day Tours

Day tours are another great way to get around Montenegro, especially for activity trips to spots like Durmitor National Park and the famous Tara River Canyon.

Usually you have the choice of either a group tour or a private option.

Running regularly from the coastal region in particular, check out these top picks, which include transport and attractions to many of Montengro’s fav spots including its national parks.


Car Rental

Driving in Montenegro is pretty straightforward.

Highways are in good condition and locals don’t drive too fast from what I’ve seen!

The toughest challenge is navigating the tiny roads around the Bay of Kotor – you’ll need to good spatial awareness to judge these thin, 2 way streets!

As always, I use Discover Cars to find the best deals for car rental.



You can use the twice daily train to travel from Podgorica to Bar on the coast.

This isn’t a quick journey – it’s more one for the experience and quirky bragging rights!


Where to Stay in Montenegro?

Montenegro, Bay of Kotor, Hyatt Regency

Montenegro accommodation caters to a huge range of budgets – from backpacker hostels, to apartment rentals, guest houses and even 5* hotels, it’s all on offer across the country.


At the Coast

Personally, if you’re looking for a luxury stay for less, then it’s hard to get better then the Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort.

Located in a stunning part of the country’s UNECO World Heritage Site coastline, this fabulous hotel offers king rooms with mountain balconies from just £85pn including breakfast.

With 7 eateries and bars on site, along with panoramic views across the bay, a cute beach and a wellness spa, it’s the all-round package.

I was lucky enough to stay in one of the sea view villas here, which came complete with a private pool and roof terrace.

Trust me, if you’re keen on seeing some stunning sunsets in Montenegro, then this is definitely worth the splurge!


In Podgorica

In the capital, or for nearby destinations such as Skadar Lake and Cetinje, then the Ramada Podgorica comes highly recommended as a good place to stay.

In a fab central location, from where you can easily walk to downtown Podgorica, this modern hotel has a great café / bar outside the lobby that is always thriving with locals – a great vibe!

Breakfasts can be enjoyed alfresco on the roof terrace and there’s a gym for those of you who are feeling smug!


Staying Connected: Holafly eSIM for Montenegro

Montenegro, Using eSIM, Me in Cafe

Of course you also need to think about staying connected when travelling in Montenegro, after all, booking transport, day tours, activities and accommodation is a lot easier when you have a mobile phone connection.

And that’s without mentioning the ability to send photos home to make your friends jealous!

But jokes aside, staying connected while you are away is also a safety measure – trust me, as a solo female traveller I know.

While Montenegro might be a very safe country, it’s still wise to take precautions as accidents do happen.

As such, this Montenegro travel guide wouldn’t be doing its job if I didn’t talk about how to stay well connected in Montenegro.

Personally, I loved my Holafly eSIM for Montenegro, which I purchased and installed before I set off on my latest trip to the country.

Then, once I touched down, all I had to do was simply activate the eSIM and I was instantly connected – allowing family and friends to know I had arrived safely.

Last time I visited Montenegro, I remember having to either battle high roaming fees to use my phone, or else go through the tedious and laborious hassle of trying to find a local SIM card provider that offered a product for tourists with lots of data.

Filled with potential pitfalls, I remember spending huge amounts of time and money not only trying to find a local SIM with enough data I could use, but also then trying to get it to work!

With Holafly eSIMs, all this hassle, stress and time is totally avoided as you can purchase the exact product you need for your next trip (based on where you’re travelling and how long for) before you go away.

Plus, you then arrive safe in the knowledge you’re connected from the word go.

No more need to get the wifi password at every café or hotel you visit, and then have to worry about security and VPNs, using Holafly eSIMs is the ideal way to stay connected without high roaming costs or wasting precious holiday time finding a local SIM card.

This is especially true if you don’t speak the local lingo, because I hasten a guess that not many of us are well-versed in the Montenegrin language!


Holafly Montenegro eSIM: How it Works + Features

To put it simply, Holafly eSIMs are digital products you can easily buy online and then seamlessly connect to your phone.

There’s no need to pick up a physical SIM card, or swap your current one out, as Holafly eSIMs instantly connect you digitally to local phone networks.

The first step is to head to the Holafly website, or download their easy to use app, and select your travel destination from their shop.

Holafly eSIMs for Montenegro start from just 27€ for 5 days and you can get 5% off using this link.

Choose the number of days and number of eSIMs you want to purchase (1 should do it for solo travellers!) and then select the currency you want to pay in.


Installing Your Holafly eSIM

After purchasing, your Holafly eSIM is then easy to install and configure.

The best way to do this is through their automatic installation code, which is available for users with iOS 17.4 or later.

This option simplifies the process, meaning less faff for you!

All you have to do to access automatic installation is download the Holafly app, head to the ‘My eSIM’ tab and follow the instructions.

If you aren’t an iOS user, or you prefer an alternative method, you can also easily install your eSIM via QR code, which will sent to you immediately after your eSIM purchase.

Or you can opt for manual installation, which uses 2 simple codes.

Once installed, you’ll be able to activate your Holafly eSIM as soon as you arrive in Montenegro.

Do this by enabling the eSIM line in your mobile service settings and switching on roaming.


Advantages of an Holafly eSIM

All Holafly policies also offer unlimited data, (which personally, is like music to my ears!), as well as fast and reliable connections, with high speed 4G and 5G connectivity.

Holafly eSIMs also allow you to keep your usual Whatsapp number, so you can easily stay in contact with friends and family at home.

There’s also 24/7 customer support in English, as well as a heap of other languages, so you can contact them anytime if you’re having issues.


Disadvantages of an Holafly eSIM

Unfortunately Holafly eSIMs are not compatible with every mobile device, so do check your device meets the requirements (via the Holafly website or app) before purchasing.

You may also find the price of an Holafly eSIM may be higher than other carriers.

However the advantages of unlimited data (and the hassle of not having to top or change your Whatsapp number) outweighed this price discrepancy for me.


Additional Tips for Travelling Montenegro

Montenegro, Lanterna, Fish

So now that I’ve covered connectivity, it’s probably also worth taking some time to cover other key practical points in this Montenegro travel guide.



I found Montenegro very safe, even as a solo female traveller and would definitely recommend travelling there alone.

Just remember the usual precautions of not going out late at night alone, not drinking too much alcohol, not telling strangers where you are staying and making sure you are covered by travel insurance.


Currency & Costs

Generally, Montenegro is a very cheap country to travel in and, as I mentioned in the introduction, provides a great budget alternative to both Greece and Croatia, which both offer similar experiences and landscapes, but for a much higher price tag!

As a budget traveller, you could expect to spend as little as 40€ a day in Montenegro, if you stay in hostels, take buses around the country, enjoy some activities and eat in local cafes or use supermarkets.

At the other end of the spectrum, 4* or 5* hotel stays, meals in fancy restaurants and plus private transfers and tours could set you back as much as 300€ a day in this country.

Whichever end of the budget spectrum you’re at, it pays to remember to take a bank card away with you that doesn’t charge for ATM withdrawals or foreign transactions, but does offer good exchange rates.

I highly recommend Wise, which I use on all my travels, including paying for things in Montenegro, which has the Euros as its official currency.

Carrying a little bit of cash with you is also a good idea, as some small shops, stall and services in Montenegro don’t always accept card.


Food & Wine

Montenegro is a foodie haven, especially for seafood lovers.

Thanks to its long coastline, baby squid, tuna, octopus, smoked trout and sea bass all proliferate on the menu.

Other must try traditional dishes include Kačamak, Popeci, Japraci, Pršuta and, for the vegetarians among us, the local smoked cheese, local tomato soup and local olives are amazing!

There also tends to be quite a lot of Italian cuisine in Montenegro, thanks to the influence of the Venetian empire back in the day, so expect good risotto and pasta dishes to appear on most menus too.

For local restaurants recommendations try Lanterna Restaurant in Podgorcia and Restaurant Porto in Budva, which does an amazing set menu – with a meat, fish and vegetarian option.


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Montenegro Travel Guide: FAQs

Montenegro, Bay of Kotor, Sunset

Where is Montenegro?

Montenegro is located on the Balkan Peninsula of southern Europe, along the Adriatic Sea.


Is Montenegro Expensive?

No, Montenegro is a very cheap country to visit in Europe – ideal for backpackers, budget travellers, as well as those looking for a slice of luxury for less.


Is Montenegro a Good Holiday Destination?


Sea, sun, beaches, history, boat tours, beautiful national parks, amazing views, top food and wine… what’s not to love?!


Does Montenegro Support eSIM?

Yes and I recommend an Holafly eSIM when travelling there.

I had a great and fast connection throughout the country.


Is Holafly Worth It?

Thanks to unlimited data and fast reliable connections, Holafly eSIMs offer peace of mind when travelling in Montenegro – just what you need for a relaxing holiday!




And there you have it, my complete travel guide to Montenegro.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give this amazing country a try on your next trip, but if you still have any questions or queries about adventuring here, don’t hesitate to drop them into the comments box below and I’ll get straight back to you…


This review was kindly sponsored by Holafly but, as always, all views are my own.

This page contains affiliate links meaning Big World Small Pockets may receive a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you.


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