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Complete Female Backpacking Australia Packing List

The Ultimate Female Backpacking Australia Packing List

  Unbelievable I know, but Australia isn’t just a massive island of bouncing kangaroos and eternal sunshine! Ok, well it is a massive island and there are a lot of kangaroos and sunshine, but this place is seriously diverse and you’ll probably be surprised when you get here to discover the range of climates and […]

Looking for a Working Holiday Job in Australia? Don’t Make One of These 9 Common Mistakes

Working Holiday Job in Australia

  With more and more backpackers travelling to Australia on their working holiday visa each year, trying to find a job in the Land Down Under is getting tougher and tougher. But fear not! After 2 years’ worth of working holiday job experience behind me. I’ve had a really good chance to see what works […]

11 Things You Need To Know About Bus Travel In Central America

11 Things You Need to Know About Bus Travel in Central America

  Often thought of as the craziest continent of them all, Central America really is a spectacle of colours, sounds, music and madness! And never is this sensory overload more apparent then when trying to navigate the continent by bus! I’ve got to admit, I’m a pretty big sucker for the madness and really get […]

Finding the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag: 6 Great Contenders

Finding the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag

  A great backpacking sleeping bag is something I never leave home without when I’m packing for my travels. From the obvious uses of sleeping with it in my tent, to keeping me cosy on bus rides, to the slightly less conventional use of it as a pillow or even a jumper when it gets […]

How to See the Best of the Galapagos on a Budget

Ecuador, Galapagos, Iguana

  The Galapagos Islands aren’t typically a place that you’d associate with budget travel, but the great news is that it’s definitely possible to take a trip there without breaking the bank. Yes, these islands are more expensive than other destinations in South America, but there are plenty of ways to explore the Galapagos on […]

Nature’s Way on a Budget: Ideal Itinerary For Discovering Australia’s Top End

Top End Road Trip

  I’ll let you in on a little secret, Australia’s Nature’s Way is one of this country’s most epic, cinematic and stunning road trips there is … and that’s saying something! From the towering gorges of Nitmiluk National Park, to the waterfalls of Litchfield National Park and the giant splendour of Kakadu, this great drive […]

17 Incredible Budget Travel Destinations Still On My List (That Should Be On Yours Too!)

17 Countries Still on My List

The problem with travel is that sometimes it can make the world seem like a very big place. No matter how much of it you explore, there always seems to be more of it to see. Yes, it’s a cruel irony that the more you travel, the more places you realise you’d like to travel […]

Budget Travel: 6 Reasons Why I Love It … And You Should Too!

Why I love Budget Travel

  A determined nomad who doesn’t like to work too much, I’ve always had to make sure I can travel cheap in order to fulfill my itchy feet syndrome! From backpacking in southern Africa at the tender age of 19, to hitching my way across Europe, couchsurfing in Latin America and now road tripping Australia […]

20 Hardest Things about Backpacking Australia

Hardest Things About Being a Backpacker

  Backpacking Australia is often sold as an easy life. I mean, endless beach days, rocking nights in the city and in between maybe a spot of surfing, sky diving or stand up paddle boarding, what can be so hard? But I know life is never that simple and even being a backpacker Down Under […]

Rambutan: Best Budget Accommodation in Townsville

Rambutan Backpackers Australia

  Stepping into the reception at Rambutan for the first time was like stepping into a dream! We’d just come out of 5 weeks in the bush – free camping, 4wd driving and not much showering – and suddenly here we were in what felt like a posh 5-star resort! What on earth had happened?! […]