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The 5 Best Bucharest Hostels

The 5 Best Bucharest Hostels

  Perhaps one of the weirdest European capitals, I’ve got to say that despite this (or perhaps because of it!) I was rather drawn to bizarre Bucharest. The biggest city in Romania – a country that sits between Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and Hungary, but is utterly unlike any of them – it’s perhaps no […]

The 5 Best Prague Hostels

The 5 Best Prague Hostels

  Everyone knows that Prague is a backpacker mecca. Situated in the heart of Europe, oozing character and charm, history and heritage, I’m not going to go on right now about why you should visit this gorgeous city. Instead, I’m going to presume that you’ve already made the wise decision to go there and get […]

Worldpackers: Are You in the Know Yet?

Worldpacker - Paikea Hostel Praia do Rosa Surf

Do you want to travel the world on a budget, staying for as long as you can abroad? Do you want to meet new people, learn new skills and immerse yourself in a local project? Do you want the security of an established safety net, whilst still having the independence to choose your path and […]

Backpacking Lebanon? The 25 Things You Need to Know

Backpacking Lebanon - All You Need to Know

  Let’s be honest, Lebanon is definitely not yet a well-known backpacking destination, but I reckon it soon will be, because this place is pumping! Yes now enjoying my third trip to this gorgeous country, Lebanon is a destination I expected nothing from, but one which instantly grabbed me – a total surprise I can […]

Ultimate Travel Guide to Novi Sad, Serbia

Ultimate Travel Guide to Novi Sad, Serbia

The beautiful city of Novi Sad, situated in the north of Serbia, is probably most famous for the EXIT music festival that happens here every July. Visit at any other time of the year however, and you’ll find a laidback, very local city that oozes friendly charm, unpretentious sophistication, culture, history and some gorgeous surrounds. […]

5 Best Hostels in Cairo, Egypt

5 Best Hostels in Cairo, Egypt

The bustling capital of Egypt, Cairo, is an absolute must if you’re visiting this culturally rich and incredibly affordable country. Full of insane historical sights and a feast for the senses too, Cairo is loud, full of life, outgoing, brash and stocked with gasp-aloud ancient treasures. Most visitors start and finish their time in Egypt […]

5 Best Hostels in Aswan, Egypt

5 Best Hostels in Aswan

I think Aswan has to be my favourite spot in the whole of Egypt. A wonderfully relaxed city, set on the banks of the Nile in the south of the country, it’s an absolute must on your Egypt itinerary. Actually it was my first stop in this country, after crossing overland from Sudan, and I […]

The #1 Tel Aviv Hostel

The Number 1 Tel Aviv Hostel

 Fun, young, lively and hip, Tel Aviv is probably the top backpacker city in the Middle East. From cute cafes, great galleries, hummus bars and of course the Mediterranean beach on its doorstep, this is a city that likes to play hard and work hard in equal measure. It’s not surprising then that it’s such […]

The Best Jerusalem Hostel: Stay Inn… Don’t Leave!

The Best Hostel in Jerusalem

Now in my 30’s and digital nomading around the world, I’m largely past being able to cope with dorms I’m afraid. However that doesn’t mean I don’t want to meet other travellers, enjoy activities together and relax in a price-friendly place that feels spirited and soulful. I also want nooks where I can curl up […]

Best Hostel in Addis Ababa: Mr Martins Cozy Place

The Top Hostel in Addis Ababa

This was my 4th time in Addis Ababa and I’ve got admit, I’ve done the rounds… in terms of accommodation that is! Yep each time I’ve returned to Addis, I’ve stayed somewhere else looking for that great place that had all the key elements – top location, free wifi, outside space, comfort and, well “cosyness”. […]