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Discovering the Stunning Cedars with Explore Lebanon Tours

Lebanon Tours to the Cedars

  It’s a well-known fact that my family always laugh at me because I say how AMAZING each new travel destination I discover is. But seriously, Lebanon is AMAZING! And hitting the gorgeous northern area of this country with Explore Lebanon Tours was perfect testimony to this. Here’s why my amazing trip with this company […]

Travelling from Ethiopia to Egypt: Ethiopia to Sudan & Sudan to Egypt by Road

Travelling from Ethiopia to Egypt

So you’re in Ethiopia and want to travel north eh?! Have you looked at the internet and already struggled to find any good info? Welcome to the club! Yup, just a few months ago I was in exactly the same boat, desperately searching online for some facts about how I could travel from Ethiopia to […]

Why You Should Visit Mungo National Park, Australia

Why You Should Visit Mungo National Park, Australia

  Around the rural city of Mildura, this is the big one. Actually, forget Mildura, around Australia this is the big one. Nope, scratch that even, around the world this is the big one! A spot of real cultural significance and the birthplace of humanity in Australia no less, it’s hard to believe this place […]

5 Top Tips for Cheap Air Ticket Booking

Plane Wing

  It’s one of the most comment travel questions I get asked time and time again and no matter where, when or how you travel, it’s likely to be a question you’ve asked someone too. That question is, of course, how to score cheap air ticket booking. And it’s a good question that attracts a […]

Holiday in Bibione: Dream a little Dream of Italian Beach

Italy, Bibione, Lighthouse

  There is no doubt that Italy has an endless list of “must visit” places! From the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain in Rome to the Florence Cathedral, St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace in Venice and even the Milan Cathedral, there’s so many great sights in Italy to choose from. But if all you want […]

5 Dream Spots You Should Never Miss When You Visit Havana

5 Dream Spots You Should Never Miss When You Visit Havana

Ernest Hemingway lived in Havana for around 20 years. He wrote some of his best novels right here in front of the Caribbean Sea and was known for his admiration of the local people. This famous artist never got tired of walking around this amazing city or admiring its old architecture and it’s unlikely that […]

Women : The 6 Best Shoes for Backpacking

The 6 Best Shoes for Backpacking

  If there’s one thing you definitely need when you go backpacking ladies it’s a pair of great shoes. No matter whether you’re trekking the length of the United States or heading on a long overseas adventure, making sure you’ve got a decent pair of footwear that’s going to last will be key to you […]

Trabug : Helping You Stay Connected For Less During Your Travels in India


  India is a land of colourful chaos and curious cultures that rub against each other in a vibrant balance not found anywhere else on earth. It is diverse and beautiful. It is huge and welcoming. But while it’s all these great things, India is also a little difficult to understand! If like me, you’re […]

International Border Crossing : 10 Big Mistakes to Avoid

International Border Crossing - 10 Big Mistakes to Avoid

  On this trip to Southern and Eastern Africa, I’ve been reminded (a lot!) about the trials and tribulations of international border crossing! Entering and exiting no less than 5 countries in the first 2 weeks of the Absolute Africa overland trip, it’s safe to say I had it pretty down pat by the time […]

30 Awesome Budget Adventures in Australia You Can’t Miss

30 Awesome Budget Adventures in Australia You Can’t Miss

  Despite the rumours, Australia really is a budget traveller’s dream destination. I mean, just take a look at this lot … Related Posts Perfect Female Packing List for Australia Backpackers How to Extend Your 1 Year Working Holiday Visa in Australia How Much Does an Australian Road Trip Really Cost? This page contains affiliate […]