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Everything You Need To Know About ETA Canada

Everything You Need To Know About ETA Canada

They’re the one thing than can undo even the most experienced travellers and their well-laid plans causing chaos and disrupting itineraries like no tomorrow. Yes, we’ve all made that mistake of not checking the visa requirements of a country well enough in advance and for a few of us unlucky ones have even had it […]

Travelling from Ethiopia to Egypt: Ethiopia to Sudan & Sudan to Egypt by Road

Travelling from Ethiopia to Egypt

So you’re in Ethiopia and want to travel north eh?! Have you looked at the internet and already struggled to find any good info? Welcome to the club! Yup, just a few months ago I was in exactly the same boat, desperately searching online for some facts about how I could travel from Ethiopia to […]

Australian Immigration Application – Should I Use a Lawyer?

In the process of applying for my permanent residency in Australia, I've met so many others in the same boat and wondering whether legal assistance is worth the money. Here, I give you some benefits about doing so {Big World Small Pockets}

As I wrote about in my recent post: call yourself a traveller? Why I’m still in Australia, I’m currently in the process of applying to Australian Immigration for a de-facto partner visa. As a former backpacker in this great Land Down Under, I’ve also met countless other travellers looking to stay longer in this beautiful country […]

Changes to the Working Holiday Second Year Visa Australia Has Made

Changes to the Working Holiday Second Year Visa Australia Has Made

Armed with my 1 year Working Holiday Visa, I arrived into Australia in late 2013. Within a few months time, I already knew I wanted to stay in this beautiful country longer and set about researching how I could extend my visa here. I found it was possible to extend the 1 Year Australian Working […]

Do’s and Dont’s of Applying for your Next Australian Visa

Applying for your Next Australian Visa

  Having traveled to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa almost 2 years ago, I’m now in the throughs of applying for a second type of visa. As such, I know all about the confusion and difficulties that can come from trying to navigate the Australian Immigration system! This seems to be a common problem […]

How to Extend your 1 Year Australian Working Holiday Visa

Extend your 1 Year Working Holiday Visa

  Applying for your Australian Working Holiday Visa and already have a sneaky suspicion that you’re going to want to stay Down Under longer? Don’t fret, advice is on hand about how to extend your 1 year Working Holiday Visa from someone whose already done it!  If you’re anything like me, then you may have had […]