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The Ideal Sudan Travel Itinerary

The Ideal Sudan Travel Itinerary

  Wildly off the beaten track, and all the more exciting for it, Sudan is still very much a burgeoning travel destination… but one that has huge potential. Travelling overland from Cape Town to Cairo, I passed through Sudan and spent 2 amazing weeks here in a country that defied all expectation. Because I have […]

33 Things to Know Before You Travel Sudan

Travel Sudan - 33 Things You Need to Know

No matter which way you look at it, Sudan just isn’t one of those well-travelled destinations. In fact, it’s a critically under-travelled destination, with hardly anything known about it by much of the outside world. While this makes it an incredibly exciting place to adventure, it can also make it a little tricky, because finding […]

Travelling from Ethiopia to Egypt: Ethiopia to Sudan & Sudan to Egypt by Road

Travelling from Ethiopia to Egypt

So you’re in Ethiopia and want to travel north eh?! Have you looked at the internet and already struggled to find any good info? Welcome to the club! Yup, just a few months ago I was in exactly the same boat, desperately searching online for some facts about how I could travel from Ethiopia to […]

An Oasis in the Sudan Desert: Meroe Camp & Nubian Rest House

Meroe Camp and Nubian Rest House

  When most people think of Sudan they certainly do not picture unique, luxury resorts in the desert. More often than not, it’s fearful and negative images they conjure up instead – concerns about safety, security and cleanliness above all. Sitting under a blanket of stars, safe and warm, deep in the desert as the […]