Holiday in Bibione: Dream a little Dream of Italian Beach

Italy, Bibione, Lighthouse


There is no doubt that Italy has an endless list of “must visit” places!

From the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain in Rome to the Florence Cathedral, St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace in Venice and even the Milan Cathedral, there’s so many great sights in Italy to choose from.

But if all you want is to relax and enjoy your time off, and not spend your entire holiday on a sightseeing tour, there is an alternative: a holiday on the beach of Bibione.

Located in the province of Venice, near the well-known city of water, Bibione is a very popular seaside resort in the north-eastern Italy, famous for its 8km golden beach, “Blue Flag” award-winning water and the beautiful landscape of its lagoon.

As one of the 10 most visited holiday destinations in Italy, according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics, Bibione is preferred by many travellers to the hectic city of Venice.

From families with children looking for a bit of peace, to couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway, to young people who want a classic summer holiday of sun, beach and fun, Bibione has it all!

Read on to learn more…

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Nature in Bibione

Italy, Bibione, Beach

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you arrive in Bibione is the incredible colour of the water here.

Perfectly clear and blue, it is accompanied by some beautiful golden, fine sand.

You can easily take a stroll right along the length of the beach here and admire the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

This actually makes the perfect evening activity, thanks to the sensitively lit beach.

But, not everyone knows that Bibione offers another sensational panorama, which is just as breathtaking.

And that is Val Grande.


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Val Grande is fishing lagoon, spreading over 360 hectares, and surrounded by woods.

Here you’ll find many different plant species.

From the woodland trees of black pine, Germanic genista, erica carnea and oak, to those more typical of marsh environments such as primroses, gladioli, gentianelle and golden lilies, this environment boasts them all.

Val Grande really is a treasure of biodiversity and alongside the plants there are also many animal species, from small rodents to birds, from grey herons to wild horses.

You can easily enjoy guided tours here with on foot, by bike, on horseback and even by boat.

Yes at Val Grande, there really is an adventure for everyone, all set to a backdrop of breathtaking views that take in the mirror-like water, blue sky and green forest.


Activities in Bibione

Italy, Bibione, Fountain

Sport enthusiasts will love Bibione because the choices are endless: cycling, walking, horse riding, tennis, golf, kayak, sailing, windsurfing –  you name it, it’s here to try.

For the beginners or those who want to try a totally new experience, there are also a lot of courses in these various activities to help get you started.

Boat trips, in particular, are a firm Bibione favourite with visitors.

As you gently cruise the water, the soft waves and sea breeze impart a feeling of total freedom.

And with a well-equipped dock boasting 400 berths and the waterways here connecting you to both the Po river as well as the Venice Lagoon, there’s many different options to try.

In the centre of Bibione, plenty of bars, restaurants and stores await you and you can easily enjoy some shopping, take a coffee break, try the local dishes or just enjoy a stroll.

It is also possible to rent bikes in Bibione, making your roaming even easier!

And who could forget the fantastic thermal resources of this super resort too?

The Bibione Thermae is particularly famous, with its fabulous wellness treatments and a spa where you can relax in the thermal pool, staying in the salt room, or pamper yourself with a great massage.

And finally, you cannot miss the many entertainment events and festivals on offer in Bibione, with animation for both children, as well as theatre shows and live music concerts, there’s always lots going on.

In addition, children can also have fun not only on the beach, but in the parks too!

Yes there is even an amusement park, aquarium and zoo to explore around this gorgeous seaside resort, as well as a range of major cities in easy day-tripping distance, such as Venice, Trieste, Udine and Treviso.


Where to Stay in Bibione

Italy, Bibione, Hotel

Offering hotels, as well as cottages and villas, Bibione boasts a great range of accommodation.

No whether you are a family with children requiring space, a young couple looking for a romantic sea-facing suite with balcony, or a group of friends trying to experience a slice of Italy on a budget, there’s something for everyone here.

In fact, the hardest part will probably be choosing between the hundred or so accommodation providers in Bibione.

To save you time and to make sure you find the perfect accommodation for your needs, I highly suggest using a reliable agency in Bibione to help find your ideal place to stay.

One of the top agencies in town is Agenzia Serena, who have a rich selection of accommodation available to visitors, including apartments, hotels, tourist villages and holiday homes.

With over 40 years of professional experience and the deep knowledge of the region, Agenzia Serena is always able to find the perfect accommodation solution in Bibione, providing the best options in terms of budget and quality.

So next time you’re looking for an Italian holiday, why not consider Bibione – I’m sure you won’t regret it!


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