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Wow! Alice Springs to Darwin: 1500km for $60

Alice Springs to Darwin

  The Beginning of the Story And so I found myself in Alice Springs, Australia. Quite the literally the middle of nowhere. I’d just been on an awesome 4wd road trip in a Landrover up from South Australia to Central Australia with a new friend of mine and now it was all over. I’d spent […]

10 Awesome Ways to Find Cheap Accommodation When You Travel Australia

How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Australia

Accommodation costs are probably one of the greatest expenses you’ll incur when you travel Australia. Even hostels here can be pricey (think $30+ AUD for a dorm bed) and it’s not unknown for some caravan parks to charge up to $60 AUD for an unpowered site. WOAH! I know right? As such, saving money when […]

On the Precipice: Starting Another Long Trip

Starting Another Long Trip

      So here I am again On the precipice, starting another long trip A one way ticket in my hand (metaphorically) And nowhere to call home. It’s a funny feeling. The one I always get before any indefinite trip away; a strange mix of apprehension and being lost. Bewildering I know. People always […]

9 Great Ways to Experience the Magic of Uluru

Experience Uluru

If you’re heading to the huge Australian icon of Uluru, then I’ve compiled this great post about the 9 best ways to experience this awesome spectacle in all its glory. Not usually one for visiting the most touristy and iconic attractions in a country, I thought I probably wouldn’t ever visit Uluru during my time […]

10 Best Central America Beaches

The 10 Best Central America Beaches

  Bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Central America is really a skinny strip of land dominated by huge bodies of water on either side. This makes the whole continent a beach-lovers paradise and the array of different coastal areas in this small continent is astounding! From scuba diving and sipping […]

Found! The BEST USB Car Charger

ZUS Review

  When we decided we were going to embark on our indefinite 4wd trip round Australia we knew there was going to be a lot of equipment we would need. After pondering over all the crucial things to consider when planning an Aussie road trip (such as where to sleep, how to eat and what […]

13 Best Places to Work if You’re Backpacking Australia

13 Best Places to Work in Australia

  For those not in the know, I first arrived into Australia, almost 3 years ago now, on my working holiday visa (WHV). This great visa is available to people aged under 30 from many different countries around the world and is favourited by many budget long-term travellers and backpackers as a way to visit […]

10 Best Things to do in Brisbane, Australia

Best Things to do in Brisbane

  I love Brisbane more and more every time I travel there. As the capital of Queensland, it’s a lively Australian destination, but still fairly small on a world scale, with just over 2 million people living there. Yet this is one of Brisbane’s great charms. Certainly not as sprawling as Sydney or Melbourne, but […]

On the Road Again! Our Indefinite Budget 4WD Trip Round Australia

On the Road Again!

So there’s been a lot of planning going on recently in the Big World Small Pockets camp. A lot of secret planning I might add! Yes, for many months now, behind the scenes, we’ve been working, saving and preparing like crazy … and no one has known! Ever since October last year in fact, we’ve been silently […]

BEST Coffee in Noosa, Australia: 5 Places to Find It

5 Places to Find the Best Coffee in Noosa

  If you weren’t already aware, Australians are hot on their coffee. No, not just hot … scorching. Yes, despite the high temperatures here, these crazy folk Down Under love nothing more than a good caffeine hit and short of being a beverage here, coffee is almost an art. Melbourne is renowned for being the […]