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20 Amazing Things to Do on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

20 Amazing Things to Do on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Oh Little Corn Island, what a tiny drop of paradise you are! There you sit in the Caribbean Sea, a minuscule pearl, shining with simplicity and serenity. I fell in love with you from the first moment I saw you – loving everything about your tropical charm and beauty. With no cars, no roads, banks […]

How to See Australia’s Whitsundays the Cheap Way

How to See Australia’s Whitsundays the Cheap Way!

  Situated in Queensland’s tropical waters, the Whitsundays are one of the jewels in Australia’s tourism crown. An archipelago of 74 islands, scatted among the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays are famous for their paradise-perfect white sands and azure waters. Because of their visual splendour, these islands are also synonymous with luxury tourism and high-end […]

6 Best Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Nice, France

6 Best Things To Do in Nice on a Budget

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful city of Nice is known for being one of France’s most popular tourist destinations. It is also renowned for being very elegant, exclusive and expensive – certainly not somewhere many people would initially conceive of as a budget travel destination! Having visited this glorious European city however, I wanted […]

How to Visit Uluru as Cheaply as Possible

How to Visit Uluru Cheaply

  Situated within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Central Australia, Uluru (or Ayers Rock as it was formerly known) is one of the country’s most outstanding and recognisable landmarks. As such, it’s also a key bucket list ranker for many global travellers, renowned for both its geological and indigenous importance. Not usually one for […]

5 Best Hikes for Solo Female Travellers in New Zealand

5 Best Hikes for Solo Female Travellers in New Zealand

  I love a good hike, it’s as simple as that and what better place to pull on some good shoes and get moving than in New Zealand, the heartland of epic scenery? Known as tramping here, hiking is a perfect activity for solo female travellers in New Zealand, because it’s generally very safe and […]

10 Things I Never Realised Before Coming to Australia

10 Things I Never Realised Before Coming to Australia

  Hardly classified as being ‘off the beaten track’ in terms of backpacker tourism, I was pretty sure I knew most things about Australia before I got here. I mean English-speaking, part of the Commonwealth and similar, culturally and economically, to the UK, what could I have been in the dark about? Turns out quite a bit! […]

Itinerary For Central Australia Budget Road Trip

Complete Itinerary for Budget 4WD Road Trip through Central Oz feature

  This complete itinerary for your budget 4WD road trip through Central Australia is based on the trip I took in a LandRover Defender. In fact, this 2 week guide follows the exact route I took from South Australia up through the Northern Territory to Darwin. And what an incredible route it was! As there […]

When is a Zoo not a Zoo? Australia Zoo Raises the Question

Australia Zoo Review

  In the traditional sense of the word, zoos are generally places where animals are kept in cages for the amusement and entertainment of human beings. Out of their natural habitat and thrust into a life on show, zoos, customarily speaking, were not known for their ethical treatment of animals or their prestigious moral codes. […]

How to Bag Cheap Train Tickets for Europe Travel

Money Saving Tips for European Train Travel

  Once upon a time, budget airlines were the cheapest and best way to shuttle around Europe. Nowadays however, train companies are fighting back and rail travel across the continent is fast becoming better, quicker and cheaper than ever. Without the invasive security measures and baggage restrictions of plane journeys, not to mention flight taxes […]

Top Budget Travel Tips for Central America

Top Budget Travel Tips for Central America

  Granted, Central America is a pretty cheap place to travel. Yet, even in this, one of the most budget-friendly places on earth, there are always ways to spend less and travel more! Having spent 2 years travelling the length and breadth of this fabulous continent on a very small daily allowance, I certainly learnt […]