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ZUS USB Car Charger {Big World Small Pockets}

When we decided we were going to embark on our indefinite 4wd trip round Australia we knew there was going to be a lot of equipment we would need.

After pondering over all the crucial things to consider when planning an Aussie road trip (such as where to sleep, how to eat and what to drink) our attention quickly turned to the matters of power and communication.

Running a travel blog means that the world of smartphones and tablets is at the centre of much that I do.

Charging these devices is crucial to me being able to respond to emails, update social media and post pictures without having to get the bulky laptop out every time.

Add into this the fact that getting internet through a 3G connection on my phone or tablet is also often the easiest way to get wifi when road tripping (and that all of my music comes from one or other of these devices!) and you start to see how central they will be in our day-to-day life in the beloved Landrover!

But charging smartphones and tablets can be a major problem.

As we all know, these things never hold power for very long, especially when they are being used all the time.

So, when it will no longer be as easy as just plugging something into a wall, finding a way in which we could charge these devices quickly, easily and simply in the car had become quite a point of research for us.

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Enter the ZUS Smart Car Charger – possibly the best USB car charger around!

Claiming to charge two devices at twice the speed of a normal USB car charger, the ZUS sounded too good to be true!

Yet, continually getting rave reviews on techy websites and ranking as a top-selling item on amazon, we had to give this bad boy a go.

I am delighted to say that we were very kindly given one of these smart USB car chargers to try out by the kind people at ZUS.

I’m letting you know this so as to be totally transparent and to point out now that, despite my claims that this may well be the best USB car charger around, all views here are my own. We’ve tried and tested the product and we love it!

For me, the reason I like the ZUS Smart Car Charger above many of the other models on the market is because it charges 2 devices at full speed.

For us on the road, this means we don’t have to compromise the power going to one device by trying to plug another in at the same time, as is the case in many other dual charger products. This saves us both time and effort.

Not compromising on charge speed, but instead detecting automatically the device type plugged it into, the ZUS brilliantly adjusts its output accordingly.

This is such a great facility and would makes the ZUS a handy accessory to have for any road trip – especially if there is a few of you each with a phone or a tablet.

It means more people can get power to their devices more quickly.

And, I’m delighted to report that the ZUS does indeed charge 2 devices in lightening speed.

My iphone, for example, has never been restored to 100% in such a short amount of time!

Move aside wall chargers!


I also like the fact that the ZUS Smart Car Charger just plugs easily into the cigarette lighter in the car.

This means that even a techno-dunce like myself can make it work!

There are no fussy instruction manuals to figure out and no confusing set-up process. All I did was remove the ZUS from the packaging and plug it into the car.

The device then lit up out of the 2 charge points, as well via a little grid on top, indicating it was ready to go, so in I just plugged in a tablet and a phone and hey presto!

Couldn’t be simpler or easier – thank goodness!

The ZUS isn’t just a USB car charger, but also a smart car locator, meaning it easily locates your vehicle via an app on your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection.

I’ve downloaded the app (simple) and checked the operations of this functionality (perfect) for the purpose of this review, but this is not why I claim the ZUS as the best USB Car Charger around.

For us, road tripping the Outback, locating the Landrover in a car park will be less of an issue!

What I really love is the lightning speed of this device and it’s easy to use, no -fuss approach.

Add into the equation the 12-month warranty of the ZUS Smart Car Charger, along with its military-grade quality, and you know you’ve got a decent product on your hands.

Designed in Germany and developed in California, ZUS really is a cut above the rest and definitely the only USB car charger we’ll be taking round Australia!

But best of all, I love the price tag. Under $40, now you can’t argue with that!


Get your hands on a ZUS Smart Car Charger now!


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  1. Cathy says:

    I figured this was for you trip! Neat feature on the car finder- I often forget where I’ve parked:)

    • Steph says:

      Ha ha me too Cathy – except now we have a huge Landrover piled high with road trip accessories – hard to miss if your the tallest vehicle in the car park!

  2. Phoebe says:

    Wow, I know what I’m buying when my next paycheck comes through! You had me at “charges 2 devices at full speed”.
    Both my partner and I will be studying online while on our road trip, so this would come in SO handy!
    Speaking of WiFi, do you use your phone as a hotspot, or do you use one of those prepaid internet dongle things? I’m still trying to figure out the best way to get internet access while traveling.
    Thanks for the recommendation – can’t wait to try it out!

    • Steph says:

      Awesome Phoebe! Seriously this thing is the bomb and so neat if you have needs like we do! We are planning to use a combination od both phone hotspots and prepaid dongles for internet connection on the road. As a Telstra customer, I have also signed up free to Telstra Air, which gives free wifi in loads of public hotspots around the country. It’s available free until June so check it out before then if you’re a Telstra mobile customer already 🙂

  3. Phoebe says:

    I can’t wait to check it out!
    Great, thanks for the tip Steph. I’m with Optus, but my partner is wih Telstra, and we’ll definitely be using HIS phone as a hotspot (Telstra definitely wins when it comes to coverage!)
    Using a combination of phone hotspots and dongles sounds like a great idea – will probably do the same!
    Thanks for the reply 🙂

  4. Does it actually charge an ipad? Have had issues with car chargers via the cigarette lighter not charging them.

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